His Promise for the Here and Now ~ #Five Minute Friday

Looking back at last summer, I see it differently than when I was living it.

At the time, my moments felt heavy and air seemed difficult to breathe. Emotions affected our days and our imaginations laid out scenarios that never quite happened in the way time played them out.

Time has a way of changing how we see our circumstances. Looking back at those moments we see how we made it. It’s not how we imagined they would be yet we are here on the other side and His faithfulness brought us through.

What we find no answer for in the present, He meets us in the promise of His Presence with us.

Our times are not always how we imagine.

Our todays can be filled with questions. How will this turn out? How will we get through and what will the outcome be?

Our times are in His hands. He knows where we will be in a year’s time… even next week… when we don’t even know our today. And because of that, we hold onto His promise:

“Be strong. Take courage. Don’t be intimidated…  your God is striding ahead of you. He’s right there with you. He won’t let you down; he won’t leave you.” ~ Deuteronomy 31:6 (The Message)

We move forward knowing that even though we don’t know how the here and now will work out, we know the One who does. He knows the ins and outs of all our days so we place them in His hands. We can trust Him with our yesterdays, todays and tomorrows.

Even looking back two weeks at what we faced, it looks different in the light of time.

  • In our yesterdays, we see His faithfulness.
  • In our tomorrows, we have the hope of His promise.

For our here and now, we hold them both in balance. His faithfulness in our past and His promise for tomorrow helps us handle our today.


*Today we are linking up with Kate and the gang at Five Minute Friday.  Kate gives us a prompt and we free write for five on that word prompt.  If you would like to join us, click here.  All are welcome!  Our word prompt today:  HERE

11 thoughts on “His Promise for the Here and Now ~ #Five Minute Friday

  1. I loved this post, Rachel. It’s so important to remember that God’s faithfulness is in every moment of our lives. It is interesting to see how our perspective changes when we look back on what’s happened in our past. And then to look on what is happening in the here and now and have the mindset that we’ll see it differently when we look back on it is a reason to hope. 🙂

    I loved this: “For our here and now, we hold them both in balance. His faithfulness in our past and His promise for tomorrow helps us handle our today.”

    Beautiful post, my friend!


  2. Amen! It’s crazy how we so often lose sight that God can handle anything–and we don’t have to stress because his plan is greater than our plans and his ways are greater than our ways. May you continue to feel his presence in your lives and revel in his faithfulness whilst hoping in his promises.


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