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Can we go back to twirling on the swing?

Dear friend, Last week, I was chit-chatting with a friend….. I’d love to tell you I do this often but that wouldn’t be true. Sadly, in my adulting days of planning life, running errands, laundry and working, I’ve lost simple time with friends. It’s been slowly eroding away over the years and it somewhat bothers … Continue reading

God’s Got This

Dear friend, In the early morning hours the sun was barely visible through the fog. Monday’s can be like that. We head into a new week with a full schedule written in the pages of our planner yet unsure as to what these upcoming days will really bring. Our agendas hold what needs to be … Continue reading

When I Don’t Get It My Way

Now I was mad. And I had every right to be, didn’t I? I kept asking myself over and over “Why do I have to change? I wasn’t the one who screwed up?” My annoyance was piqued and topping out on the high scale. This whole “following and being led by Him” is hard when … Continue reading

What Were We Thinking?

Nineteen years ago this month, Dave and I went on an adventure.  Some people thought we were crazy.  And at times, so did I. We had left our place of ministry 6 months earlier knowing God had closed that door.  We placed our things in storage, moved in with family and Dave worked temp jobs to … Continue reading