God’s Got This

Dear friend,

In the early morning hours the sun was barely visible through the fog.

Monday’s can be like that.

We head into a new week with a full schedule written in the pages of our planner yet unsure as to what these upcoming days will really bring.

Our agendas hold what needs to be done yet our hearts are heavy with thoughts too much for one to carry alone.

  • grief for the one that was just here but is now gone
  • the new diagnoses bringing uncertainty and fear to our hearts
  • the financial obstacle that seems insurmountable

All these things can cloud the sun and make our days seem misty with a reign of doubt.

Psalm 91:1-2 reminds us…

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

The words “shelter” and “rest in the shadow” are metaphorical word pictures of baby birds finding safety under the wings of the parent bird.

My yard is filled with the sounds of birds twittering amongst the tree branches. From my place here at my table, I can hear them chattering back and forth.

The newly hatched babies are kept in the safety of the nest. Their needs for warmth, nourishment and security are provided.

They find shelter there.

Why is this important for us to remember?

Because when we face the unexpected:

  • His Presence is a place where we find protection, rest and support.
  • He doesn’t leave us to handle these situations on our own.

We often take the position that says “I’ve got this — I can do this.”

  • We’re hesitant to share our struggles with others
  • We’re fiercely self-sufficient and feel we’ve got this!
  • We often travel alone in our daily journey not wanting to bother others with what we assume they’ll see as trivial.

We say – “We’ve got this!”

Sometimes when that situation looming overhead dumps torrents of rain, we often take it as another agenda item to juggle when in reality it has the potential to do us in.

In our self-sufficiency we say, I’ve got this!

Yet God in His grace… comes near and whispers to us:

The one who dwells here in my shelter will find rest – Let me be your hiding place… Let me be the One who shields you from the storm raging all around you… let me be your strong base where you find your strength.

We can say, I’ve Got This yet as we listen through the fog and mist we can hear God whisper,

I’ve got this and you can trust me with your day.

As we do this, the fog of uncertainty lifts and the burden of carrying troubles alone dissipates.

It’s a new day with fresh perspective and confidence knowing God’s got this!

With love,



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