Where are those warm spring days?

I know we’re all tired of this cold, yucky weather.

I keep thinking, “Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow will be warmer” But instead I wake up to a fresh layer of snow covering the earth.  Even now while I’m typing this I have snow covering my patio table.

Dave brought it out a few weeks saying, “Maybe if I bring out the summer furniture, it will be a signal for warmth to come.”  Good thinking, sweetie, but sadly, I don’t think the weather is listening to us.


I believe spring is coming. But in the meantime, my woodpile in the barn is diminishing.

We have propane heat in our home so we aren’t completely relying on wood heat. But we love our wood burning fireplace and the dry heat it provides. We are so far into the spring season now that we are burning our wood sparingly and hoping for warmer days ahead.

Since moving to this home 2 years ago, I have learned a few things about wood burning and the process of perseverance.

There is ease in adjusting the temperature on our thermostat.  We just push a button and the house temp goes up or down.  It’s like the “easy button.”

But the process of wood heat is a little more difficult and labor intensive yet also so worth it.

Now there are a few days when my kids might argue about the worth of it all especially when they’re the ones fetching wood from a cold barn, dragging it through the snow and hauling it up the steps.

Time and energy are required for this wood burning process.

  • cutting down the trees
  • hauling them out of the woods
  • splitting, stacking, repeat… splitting, stacking, repeat

Yet when the wind is blowing and the snow is flying we are relaxing in front of a fire with the room temp hovering around 75 degrees. When that happens the work seems worth it.

Many things in life require hard work and perseverance to get them done.

  • Finishing that university degree
  • Living on a budget to get out of debt
  • Exercising regularly to improve our health
  • Pressing through hard conversations to resolve issues in our relationships
  • Keeping our bottom in the seat so we can write out that blog post

All these things take perseverance when we’d rather do something else— anything else!

Paul reminds us in Romans 5:2-5 (NIRV)

Through faith in Jesus we have received God’s grace. In that grace we stand. We are full of joy because we expect to share in God’s glory.

And that’s not all. We are full of joy even when we suffer. We know that our suffering gives us the strength to go on. (that’s perseverance) The strength to go on produces character. Character produces hope. And hope will never let us down.

Accomplishing hard things in life takes hard work. It doesn’t come easy.

  • Lay out the plan
  • Set the goals
  • Keep at it

Those days of working through the tough stuff, sticking it out when we’d rather run and pushing through to the end is going to get us to the good places— To the places we want to be.

I read a saying the other day that I like…

Those days of spring, sunshine and new things coming to life are just around the corner. Each day brings them closer.

Hold on, keep going and before we know it we’ll be sitting on our deck sipping sunshine and soaking in rays.


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7 thoughts on “Where are those warm spring days?

  1. Old Man Winter’s just not ready to let go this year, is he? Your post brings back memories of our house we had in the midwest with a wood-burning fireplace. We loved it. Definitely a lot of work, but like you said, always worth it. — And, holding on for brighter days when life is feels daunting is always worth it, too. Thanks for sharing, Rachel. Great to connect. 🙂 ((Hug))

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your home sounds like my home! I nodded right alongside you as I read. 🙂 I, for one, am so thankful for the coming of spring and all things new! (Especially as our wood pile is quickly disappearing!)


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