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What can we do when we don’t get our way?

As Matthew sat and ate his lunch, his ham and cheese sandwich was looking less and less appealing as the thought of an ice cream cone kept creeping into his mind. “I don’t want this sandwich, Mom!” “I didn’t even want this kind in the first place.” “I’m not hungry for this sandwich.” “ “It’s … Continue reading

How Can Our Life Shape Others?

Sister Baldwin sat across the aisle from me.  She wore a blue dress with small white daisies.  Her white hair was pulled into a tight bun and her Bible rested on her lap. She is imprinted in my mind. She taught me the stories of Moses, Noah and Ruth. The flannel graphs laid across the board and coloring … Continue reading

Four Steps to Lighten the Load for Summer

There’s a game I always lose. It’s that dreaded purse game. You know the one where you’re at some ladies event and they hand you a list of crazy insane items you get points for if you’re carrying them in your purse. Items like…. Cell phone, wallet, gum/mint, keys. Those are easy scores… but then … Continue reading

Should a Pastor invite parishioners into their home?

“Should a Pastor invite parishioners over to their home?” I was asked that question while on a women’s ministry panel last week. My 30 second response time brought out the quick answer of “Absolutely!” Which in hindsight was possibly very discouraging to the one who texted in that question to the panel. My quick answer possibly … Continue reading