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Four Steps to Lighten the Load for Summer

There’s a game I always lose. It’s that dreaded purse game. You know the one where you’re at some ladies event and they hand you a list of crazy insane items you get points for if you’re carrying them in your purse. Items like…. Cell phone, wallet, gum/mint, keys. Those are easy scores… but then … Continue reading

The Squelching Heat and Survival

The days have been squelching hot and I’ve been hiding inside; doing anything to keep cool! I’m beginning my days early; walking Della, our yellow lab, while there’s still shade along the edge of the field. I began this post inside at my desk with Della laying at my feet. But then she began pestering, nudging … Continue reading

Summer Knitting Break ~ Market Bag

Now that it’s summer, I have more time for my knitting habit. I have been working on a huge block afghan, which is taking some time. I needed a break from it… something fast and easy to do without a lot of expense; so I headed over to Ravelry to check out some free patterns. After … Continue reading