The Squelching Heat and Survival

The days have been squelching hot and I’ve been hiding inside; doing anything to keep cool!

I’m beginning my days early; walking Della, our yellow lab, while there’s still shade along the edge of the field.

I began this post inside at my desk with Della laying at my feet. But then she began pestering, nudging at my leg, wanting me to move.

“Fine…let’s go!”

I headed out to let her supposedly relieve herself, but instead; I found relief.

No, not in that sense!!! (Although Matt finds this method much more convenient than traveling back inside to use the restroom!)  Boys & summer!   What am I saying???    This has nothing to do with summer…It’s just boys!

The relief I found was this:


I couldn’t have picked a better spot to write today ~ under the hickories with a cool breeze, purple petunias and iced coffee. Good choice, Della!

Now to the original post I was going to write:

The days have been squelching hot and I’ve been hiding inside, doing anything to keep cool!

Yet, the outside called me last night.

The knowledge of weeds taking over my garden forced me out. I pinched off runners on my tomato plants and ripped out giant weeds covering the garden floor.

On my way to the mulch pile ~ dumping the needle amount of weeds in my haystack of a garden ~ I passed my flower bed. The flower bed, once again, hidden beneath tall grass, dandelions and thistles.

The beauty of the flowers was lost in the overgrowth of the weeds.

Now if I was some deep philosophical thinker, along with an insightful blogger; I would have whipped out my camera, snapped pictures of the mess and then came up with some life situation to make this applicable.

But alas, I didn’t!

It wasn’t until I had pulled nearly all the weeds that any thought close to that even occurred to me.

My mind returned to a tweet from Anita Renfroe last week:

How DO bloggers go through life with their cameras around their neck to capture (w/ perfect aperture settings) EVERYTHING? Sheesh… ~Anita Renfroe

Yet that didn’t stop me from yelling to Jon, “Could you go get the camera?”


The flower bed, 15 minutes earlier, had been overrun with weeds and things I didn’t want growing there. Yet in those few, focused moments, I was able to remove some yuck and reveal the beautiful.

Sure in a few more days, those nasty weeds will once again take over; but for now…for a few moments… I sit back, take in the summer and just enjoy.

In the rush of your days, take a few for yourself. Slow down and take in some moments!  Before too long, we will be hunkering down in the cold wishing it to be warm again.

Words from my mother’s old thermometer:

As a rule, a man’s a fool
When it’s hot,
He wants it cool.
When it’s cool,
He wants it hot.
What it is
He wants it not!

Join the conversation: What are you doing to stay happy in the heat?

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