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Quigley Pointe Vacation (Part 2)

{If you missed Part 1, click here.}  Side information: Some have been concerned for my arm and all around body condition after my fall in the boat so just to clear it up…I’m okay!  There were no broken bones.  I have a beautiful black and purple bruise on my leg mixed in with some yellowing and amazing tenderness.  … Continue reading

Quigley Pointe Vacation Adventure (Part 1)

I’ve been living my life out in yoga pants and a zip-up hoodie for the last week…heaven in the making!  We’ve been reading books, climbing mountains, strolling along waterfall gorges and watching storms from the tower.  I can honestly say none of us wanted to return to real life…but life calls and we have returned. … Continue reading

The Squelching Heat and Survival

The days have been squelching hot and I’ve been hiding inside; doing anything to keep cool! I’m beginning my days early; walking Della, our yellow lab, while there’s still shade along the edge of the field. I began this post inside at my desk with Della laying at my feet. But then she began pestering, nudging … Continue reading

Growing Up & Sipping Latte

This morning, my almost 17-year-old woke up, made herself breakfast and began working on her school before I even tumbled out of bed. I came downstairs and she was already dressed and ready for the day. How did this happen so fast? I hear her saying she has to get ready to leave for work… … Continue reading

A Sweet Treat

The day was hectic.  Answering phone calls, checking off the to-do list and trying to catch up from the busy weekend left me feeling wiped out before the week even began. How was I to fit it all in?  My patience meter ticked down quickly as my frustration level rose.  Nothing insurmountable was plaguing me; just … Continue reading

Just for Fun Friday ~ Lullabies, Socks & Shoes

My husband and I were gone away at Pastor meetings this week.  We arrived home last night to a clean house and a short-sheeted bed…thanks to my amazing kiddos! My son, Jonathan, has always loved music.  When he was small and sitting in the high chair, the best way to keep him concentrated on his … Continue reading