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When I Don’t Get It My Way

Now I was mad. And I had every right to be, didn’t I? I kept asking myself over and over “Why do I have to change? I wasn’t the one who screwed up?” My annoyance was piqued and topping out on the high scale. This whole “following and being led by Him” is hard when … Continue reading

Facing the Day Ahead

Have you ever woken up suddenly from a really great sleep and wondered why the heck you’re awake? I did last night. I was sleeping wonderfully when a sudden coughing fit and dryness in my throat woke me from a beautiful sleep. Ugh… that’s annoying. But since I was alert and alive my brain clicked … Continue reading

When Venturing Out Seems Daunting

Have you ever had those moments when the fear of taking a new path stops you in your tracks? I have. I’ve missed out because that fear of failing keeps me from trying. I find myself stuck in the same routine because I didn’t take a chance and step off the familiar path of what I already know. Last … Continue reading

When life is uncertain, where do we go?

Happy Friday everyone! Another week down and we’re back around to Five Minute Friday with Kate and friends. Kate chooses a word prompt and we all write for 5 minutes, link up and share our words together. If you’d like to join us, click here. Our word prompt today is: TRUST At the beginning of this year God … Continue reading