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When you don’t like the ride you’re on

I’m one who likes to be in control– the planner of the schedule – the writer of the menu. I’m one who doesn’t particularly like “surprises” in the journey. I’m reminded of those amusement park river rafting rides.  The ones where we sit in the large round inner tube with 6 to 8 seats with a wheel in … Continue reading

Wait… don’t hit publish! ~ Five Minute Friday

(Edit:  After publishing this blog, I noticed I forgot a title so it’s an add-on.  With no over–thinking, I typed what was first in my head… “Wait!… don’t hit publish!”  It’s goin’ be a Happy Friday!) Wow, this week has been a quick one.  Here we are again with Kate and the gang for Five Minute … Continue reading

One Word for 2015

It’s now 2015 and a new calendar has begun.  It’s a blank slate with potential for new roads and new directions.  It’s a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. I’ve always loved the new year.  I’m looking and planning in new directions that before I have written off as out of reach or beyond my capabilities yet with this … Continue reading