Wait… don’t hit publish! ~ Five Minute Friday

(Edit:  After publishing this blog, I noticed I forgot a title so it’s an add-on.  With no overthinking, I typed what was first in my head… “Wait!… don’t hit publish!”  It’s goin’ be a Happy Friday!)

Wow, this week has been a quick one.  Here we are again with Kate and the gang for Five Minute Friday where we free write on the same word prompt.  No over-thinking, just pounding out the keys for 5 minutes.

Today’s word prompt: Wait


There are some things I don’t like to wait for… traffic, slow check-out lines, coffee in the morning.

Yet there are other times, I’m the one saying, “Wait!”

  • Wait… I don’t want to go there.
  • Wait… I’m not ready
  • Wait…I don’t think I can do it

In all those times, it’s my fear that holds me back. It’s not knowing what’s ahead and wanting the answers before I go forward.  I want to know if I go in that direction, I won’t fail.

But sometimes that just isn’t possible to know.  Sometimes He asks us to go whether or not we succeed.  Because sometimes it’s not in success that we learn but in failing and trying again.  We learn to trust and not hold back when He says, “Go for it!”

I’m learning in this stepping out into the unknown that it’s not in knowing all the detailed steps ahead but in knowing the One who is giving the instructions.

It’s in trusting Him; having full confidence that He knows the way.  So I listen for instruction.  Going forward when He says “go”  and waiting when He says “wait.”


Friends, have a happy Friday!


15 thoughts on “Wait… don’t hit publish! ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. You’ve reminded me of the verse that says something like, “For God did not give us a spirit of fear.” I struggle with the same things. Thanks for sharing what you’re learning!


    • Yes, it is a good lesson I am learning. Last year my word for the year was courage and that verse was my emphasis now this year it is trusting Him and finding peace through His guidance. Thanks for sharing and stopping by!


  2. “Because sometimes it’s not in success that we learn but in failing and trying again.” I nodded the whole way through this post, Rachel. Right there with you. That feel of failure so often holds me back, makes me wait instead of move. Great encouragement here today on the flip side of waiting. Blessings!

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  3. This post makes me think of Abraham. I mean, can you imagine? Just pack up and go – even though you have NO idea where you’re going. That takes some real faith! But as you said, the most important thing is knowing the One who leads. He’ll take care of us!

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