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Back from vacating…

We’re back from vacating and settling in. We came home Saturday just in time to pick up wings, rings, and salad from our favorite place in town because after 2 weeks of taking it easy who wants to come home and cook? We had a great time of doing nothing on our time away. Dave fished … Continue reading

There and Back Again ~ A Quigley Journey

After 28 days of travel, 7,312 miles,  43 state license plates, 237 punch-buggy sightings and 14 different sleeping locations, we are home again and settling in. I left you all with the last post of Practicing Grace and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. It’s crazy stuff packing for a 28 day journey.  We were filling holes for our ministry;  lining-up house-sitters, dog-sitters … Continue reading

Quigley Pointe Vacation (Part 2)

{If you missed Part 1, click here.}  Side information: Some have been concerned for my arm and all around body condition after my fall in the boat so just to clear it up…I’m okay!  There were no broken bones.  I have a beautiful black and purple bruise on my leg mixed in with some yellowing and amazing tenderness.  … Continue reading

Quigley Pointe Vacation Adventure (Part 1)

I’ve been living my life out in yoga pants and a zip-up hoodie for the last week…heaven in the making!  We’ve been reading books, climbing mountains, strolling along waterfall gorges and watching storms from the tower.  I can honestly say none of us wanted to return to real life…but life calls and we have returned. … Continue reading

From Busy to Quiet and Still

The morning fog is deep and settled. The sun is waking up the world.  All is quiet and still.  The only sound is the crunch of my own feet and the jingle of Della’s tags on her collar. We see a spider web, brilliant in the morning sun, wet with dew, symmetrically beautiful. “Mom, why … Continue reading