I’ve Got You

Saturday- Sleeping in, sipping coffee and taking in a quiet read is an Aaahhh moment not often occuring for me.  Yet on this particular Saturday it did. I was curled up on the couch with a book of choice… Praise Habit by David Crowder.

Habit – noun- 1.  a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. 2. a long, loose garment worn by a member of a religious order or congregation.

What a contrast in definitions…two completely different pictures flash across my mind.

nail biting nail biting
little black dress of the day little black dress of the day

Habit 1 is usually associated with something bad or not healthy to participate in and Habit 2 seems stiff- starchy and all together itchy!

Why would I want either? Yet David writes in his book:

There’s a cycle that takes place where we find/experience a spiritual habit that brings connection and meaning, but eventually even that thing will get stale and something else will need to find its way in.  We need to continually redefine what our spiritual disciplines look like, an importunate redefining of the habits that define us.  There is inherent danger in ritual, but there is still the necessity in our movement toward Christ and His intentions for our lives.  There is the definitive need for a continual shedding of depravity and the taking on of His righteousness.  There is the need for us to embrace this new way of living that is found in the person of Christ.  Or perhaps it’s more than that:  allowing His life to engulf and cover us.  We must continually seek ways to place ourselves in this embrace.”

I ask myself:  How do I place myself in that embrace?  How do I find Him in the everyday?

The word habit in Middle English is “clothing”,  in Old French it means “clothing, behavior custom” and at its Latin root it is habitus which means “condition, character” and habere, meaning “to have, to hold”

And again I ask myself:  How do I place myself in that embrace? … How do I find Him in the everyday? … How do I wear praise as a habit? … And how do I praise on those days I don’t have joy?

My quiet thoughts are interrupted by the clamoring of my hubby, Dave and our 3 year old, Matthew, running through the kitchen.

Dave chasing Matt…then Matt chasing Dave.  Around and around they run—through the kitchen, pass the table and into the room where I am quietly reflecting.  As quickly as they come, they go and then back through again.

About the third time around, Dave swoops Matt up, swallows him in his arms and tumbles safely to the floor.

Matthew cries out in laughter, “I’ve got you, I’ve got you!!”

Dave…squeezing him gently laughs, “No, Matt, I’VE GOT YOU!!!”

And as I watch from the couch, Father whispers…

There it is!  That’s how you find it! You run with me, looking for me in the everyday…finding me in the simple moments, the beauty of the day, the laughter of a child…and I am there!  You discover me in the simple and shout:  “I found you, I found you….I’ve got you!” 

The Father continues:  Your joy is found…yours and mine…for you believe you’ve got me…yet even more I’VE GOT YOU!”

My heart leaps, I smile and whisper…Thank you, Father!

For us—Joy is found in living out the thankful life; a life of praise; a life of worship.

When I place my focus on blessings…gifts:

…the laughter of a child…the sun peeking through on a cloudy day…the quietness of the evening…His nearness in the moment…

When I place my focus there—on gifts and giving thanks—my heart remembers Him and I find joy.

And in turn our Father smiles…even laughs…for our attentiveness to His Presence in the moments of our everyday bring Him joy…for He has us!

A nun does not get up each morning and go to the closet and think to herself, Hmmm…I wonder what to wear today. The habit is what she wears. It is what covers her. It is what identifies her. Our condition is the same. Our habit is the Christ. He is what covers us. He is what identifies us. We wear Him into every moment, and when we live with this awareness, we praise Christ.” ~ David Crowder

2 thoughts on “I’ve Got You

  1. Lovely thoughts, Rachel. The older I get, the more I realize that quiet reflection and intimacy is what God wants from/with us, not all the “doing” we strive so desperately towards. In caring for Isaac each day, where just ministering to his needs is all I do, I find more completeness than in any other service I’ve ever done, even though I loathe the condition that brought us to this point.


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