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Lining Up with Truth

I’m a natural pessimist. If something could go wrong in my world…it happens in my mind before it’s reality. I’m the one, who while waiting for my friend for our breakfast date, will see an ambulance zoom by with lights flashing and sirens blaring and I’m sure my friend is dead in the ditch. I begin lamenting … Continue reading

Here Goes…A Week and A Year

It’s New Year’s Eve and the wind is blowing hard and cold.  It’s a day to hunker down and enjoy the warmth of inside but grocery shopping pulled me out and those hungry birds outside needed food in their feeders. I can’t complain since I spent the time after our Christmas Eve service until Friday … Continue reading

Growing Up & Sipping Latte

This morning, my almost 17-year-old woke up, made herself breakfast and began working on her school before I even tumbled out of bed. I came downstairs and she was already dressed and ready for the day. How did this happen so fast? I hear her saying she has to get ready to leave for work… … Continue reading

A Sweet Treat

The day was hectic.  Answering phone calls, checking off the to-do list and trying to catch up from the busy weekend left me feeling wiped out before the week even began. How was I to fit it all in?  My patience meter ticked down quickly as my frustration level rose.  Nothing insurmountable was plaguing me; just … Continue reading

From Wretch to Treasure

This week we are attending District Council (Pastor meetings). We meet together; focusing on business matters, but more importantly, focusing time to rekindle relationship with others in ministry and refreshing our hearts through worship and Word. This morning, we were able to share communion together. My heart was touched by this particular song: How Deep … Continue reading

Do I just need more coffee???

A good mamma would scold me and say: “Honey… you got out of bed on the wrong side.  Go back and crawl out the other side!”  I’m irritated at everything and nothing — all at the same time.  The coffee isn’t doing it and nothing else works either. A week of weakness…I’m not strong.  I feel weak and beaten.  I’m aware of … Continue reading