Just for Fun Friday ~ Broken

Five Minute Friday

Today we’re linking up with Five Minute Friday. The rules are: Lisa Jo gives us a topic to write on for 5 minutes…no major editing, no thinking too much…just writing and linking back to her site. Ironically, her blog site is “broken” and is experiencing some technical difficulty this week so we are linking up at her Facebook page. The topic today is: BROKEN


Everything was SO real back in those days.

Cindy only lived 3 blocks away.

From her house to mine, we traveled up West Street to Chuck’s Grocery; down through the parking lot; up to Summit; then one more block, turn left and down to my house on the right.

On this particular morning, we loaded up our baby dolls along with their individual diaper bags. They were stocked full of extra clothes, ~in case they wet through~ bibs, burp rags and their baby food. (Purchased at Chuck’s with our bottle-return deposits.)

Cindy was afraid we couldnt’ handle all the baggage and ride our bikes. Her brakes on her banana-seat bike were going and her tire was deflating;  but I was confident we could make it!

Just to calm her anxiety, I let her borrow my new Dusty Rose bike.

I boarded her banana seat bike, loaded up my shoulders with the diaper bags and held my baby Samantha with my left arm and off we went.

All was going well until we hit the top of my hill.

As we descended, I calculated my speed was a little too fast and since the brakes were nonexistent, it was time to put my feet down.  I was going to slow my descent, but since I was barefoot that thought was short-lived. My only option was to scream and bail-out into my yard as the banana seat bike smashed into the curb.

My dear friend ran to my side.

As she hovered over me, she asked: “Are you okay?”

To which I sat up…looked her straight in the eye and with all the gusto I could muster replied: “NO!!! I’ve BROKEN every bone in my body! Go get my mother!” Then I laid back down and waited an eternity for her to come!

Everything was SO real back in those days!…and nothing ever exaggerated!

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