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A Wrap-up on February

We’ve reached the end of another month and we’re linking up with Emily Freeman over at Chatting at the Sky for a wrap-up and look-back at what we’ve learned, discovered and remembered from these last few weeks.  Come join us here if you’d like. FEBRUARY IS A MONTH OF LOVE FOR SO MANY REASONS: Besides Valentine’s Day, … Continue reading

A surprise from far away

I’m usually not one for surprises, but this one was good! Last week, we returned from celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving and arrived home to a pile of mail and a yard full of leaves. Sam sent us a text asking us to Skype with her at 11:30 pm our time. I don’t know about you all … Continue reading

There’s No Place Like Home

Home again, home again, jiggity jig….and all Matt can say is:  “Mom, I love it when you’re always home!” Dave is liking me home, too!  Now, he has someone to bring him coffee and make hot cinnamon raisin toast in the morning.  (And yes, he likes me for more reasons than that… like dishes and laundry! 🙂 … Continue reading

Just for Fun Friday ~ Broken

Today we’re linking up with Five Minute Friday. The rules are: Lisa Jo gives us a topic to write on for 5 minutes…no major editing, no thinking too much…just writing and linking back to her site. Ironically, her blog site is “broken” and is experiencing some technical difficulty this week so we are linking up at … Continue reading

Fireflies and Stars Above

For the month of July, I am hosting the One Thousand Gifts DVD Bible Study with Ann Voskamp at our church. We’re having fun, crying some good tears and learning to slow down in the midst of life’s chaos. As all good leaders know, preparation is huge if you’re going to do anything well. So … Continue reading

Scrolling the smartphone in a small town

Over the past 7 days we’ve been traveling…traveling in places where a wi-fi connection or any kind of connection to the worldwide web is patchy and limited. (Hence the failure of posting this week.) And with this connection failure, a disconnected feeling occurs… What’s happening? … What am I missing? But other great things happen…things we might … Continue reading

My Love Relationship with the Microwave

My beloved microwave has been with me now for 14 years— Large and increasingly non-energy efficient…by todays standards…yet it is still near and dear to my heart.  The digital numbers are gone and no longer does it encourage me to “Enjoy!”  after the popcorn is popped! It’s a skill to know when it will beep, how much time is left or even what … Continue reading