A Wrap-up on February

We’ve reached the end of another month and we’re linking up with Emily Freeman over at Chatting at the Sky for a wrap-up and look-back at what we’ve learned, discovered and remembered from these last few weeks.  Come join us here if you’d like.

FEBRUARY IS A MONTH OF LOVE FOR SO MANY REASONS: Besides Valentine’s Day, February is the month of my hubby’s birthday and our “official dating” anniversary. (This year marked 23 years.)  They all happen in the same week with the end of that time culminating at Valentine’s Day. So every year by the time the big V-day hits we have already celebrated love and happiness and gifts and chocolate and everything that celebrating is supposed to be.

As a couple, we end up spending V-day with the kids; eating chocolate covered fruit, watching cheesy romantic comedies and laughing a lot.  Usually Dave buys flowers for all the girls in the family but this year it didn’t happen.  That weekend was bitterly cold and no one wanted to go out for anything…AND bringing expensive roses out into the cold just to have them die quickly because of the arctic blast seemed a bit silly. I was just fine with hunkering down and staying put in the warm house with my fleece jammie’s and blankets. And yet, the sweet hubby came through once again the day after V-Day.


It seems those long-stem red roses priced $40 per dozen before V-day smell just as sweet the day after for a mere $10 a dozen. Yep, I’m that kind of simple woman…. a good bargain is a good find any day of the week!  And roses are beautiful and we are loved just as much the day after the big V-day!

NOTES FROM A BLUE BIKE” – I am loving this book by Tsh Oxenreider.  I enjoyed the first couple of chapters and then became bogged down in the “food” chapters because the pressure of organic food and the thought of cooking fresh everyday wears this mama out so I put it away for a few months.  I picked it up again this month and I’m loving it, especially the section of “Work” where she writes about time management.  I need my life to be simpler yet productive and to do that it takes intentional living.  This book is good stuff.  I recommend you pick it up… or come borrow my written in, under-lined scribbled copy.  Click here to watch the book trailer.

GOOD STREAMING FOR KIDS: JELLY TELLYI found this ad in my Facebook feed last week and I love this idea. This is similar to Netflix but with good quality, Christian, life-giving programming for kids.  It is produced and put together by VeggieTales creator, Phil Vischer.  The cost is $4.99 a month and you can follow this link for a free week. (I’m getting nothing back for doing this… just passing on good info to you!)  The free week is a great way to sign-up, check it out and see if it’s a good fit for your family.

LITTLE BOYS TURN SEVEN QUICKLY –  This month, our little guy turned 7 years old. (I told you this month was filled with lots of love!)   This young man brings oodles and oodles of joy into my life.  We hosted a Superhero party for Matt and his friends.  And let me tell ya…. 10 little boys dressed up in superhero costumes, all saving the day can cause a bit of commotion in this little house.

The funniest was when Dave and I divided to conquer.  I supervised the downstairs and he took Matt’s bedroom.  The Super Hero’s seemed to congregate in his room with light sabers, swords and anything they could use as a weapon.  At one point Dave counted the heads in his room and yelled from above… “I’m at 80%….. EIGHTY PERCENT !!!!”

I think he was calling for reinforcements yet when I arrived on the scene he looked as if he was fine so I left him with the boys… all 8 of them!

This month has been filled with a lot of activity, craziness and a whole lot of love.  My time has been divided a bit here because of a little project we are working on in this whole adventure of faith.  We are excited about it but not quite to the point of revealing it.  But there are good things ahead and lots of fun adventure.  I just can’t reveal it yet because…. “I’m working on a project that needs a little tweaking!”  (Double bonus points for anyone who can name that movie reference!)

Have a wonderful week!

It’s been great to share this month with you. Now go ahead, jump into the conversation and share!


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8 thoughts on “A Wrap-up on February

  1. sorry, i can’t name the reference. just dropping by as your neighbor at blessed but stressed:) enjoyed the post with lots of new info for me. sounds like you had a fun and love-filled february:)


  2. Oh, I love your month! I’m totally with you on the cost of roses and who cares if it’s the day after ;). Now that I have a grandchild on the way, I’ll have to remember the JellyTelly thing :).

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