Each Morning is a New Beginning

Five-Minute-Friday-4Welcome to another Friday edition of Five Minute Friday.  This is when Kate Motaung gives the word prompt and we write for five minutes, link up and share together.  If you’d like to join us, click here.  Our word prompt today is: MORNING


I awoke with the 6 AM alarm but instead of getting up, I rolled over.

When I came downstairs 30 minutes later, the moon was just above the tree line and disappearing rapidly.  I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pics from the safety of the house but the moon was descending quickly and I had only seconds to grab it before the trees blocked my lenses’ view.

I stepped out in the cold; donning my fuzzy white robe and bright red slippers.  I snuck down the sidewalk as far as I could with the house shielding me from the road traffic.

(That’s all people need to see in starting their day… the pastor’s wife precariously balancing herself on the patio chair in her robe, slippers and snapping pictures at the moon…. “Good morning, world!”)



I was okay with the few pics I snapped but was disappointed in missing the full, spectacular view I could have captured had I gotten up with my alarm.

The moon was down, the sun was up… the opportunity gone.

There’s a saying, “Seize the opportunity of a lifetime in the lifetime of the opportunity.”

I wonder sometimes how many opportunities God has laid out before me that I have missed because of laziness, lack of motivation or simply not paying-attention.

There are other opportunities I have missed because of fear.  Fear of stepping out, fear of getting it wrong, fear of failing.  All of these can seem very real in the moment and overwhelming to our ability to step out in faith.

And that’s where His grace, peace and assurance come swooping in to rescue our hearts.

  • Was I disappointed I had missed the moon at its full height? Yes
  • Was I disappointed I had forgotten about a great deal online that I was going to take advantage of but then forgot and the coupon expired? Yes
  • Did those whispers of “you-of-little-faith” jab at me as I walked away from an opportunity God had set up, but fear took over? Yes

But this is what I’ve come to know.

I can wallow in the mud-pit of regret – OR – I can say,

  • Next time… I’ll do better! 
  • Next time… I’ll step out. 
  • Next time… I won’t let fear rule the day.”
Because failure is not final.  It’s an error… a learning opportunity.  It’s grace… and a place to lean in and grow.


We can beat ourselves up over the things we’ve done wrong… said wrong… thought wrong… and just plain-old screwed up – OR – we can pick ourselves up, move on from there and say…

This morning is a new day with no mistakes in it.

It’s a good mantra to take with us into the day. Let’s get out there and begin again!

Happy Friday!

18 thoughts on “Each Morning is a New Beginning

  1. Amen, Rachel! Failure is failure only when we give up. Thomas Edison failed a thousand times before he created the incandescent light bulb. He viewed each failure as ruling out something that didn’t work until he found what did.


  2. Oh, you sound so much like me! I’ve been out there in my robe, pajamas and snowboots with spandex…whatever it takes to get the unexpected shot ;). And I live on the campus of a boarding school…and usually go bolting out the door without care of who might see me ;). I’m learing to keep my camera batteries charged and the camera bag always in the same place. Disappointments should always teach us something but never rule over us.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s right… disappointments should teach us and not rule us! That’s a good thought! Yes, I keep my camera ready to get those shots! 🙂 Thanks for stopping over and jumping in! Happy Weekend to you!


  3. THIS: “Because failure is not final. It’s an error… a learning opportunity. It’s grace… and a place to lean in and grow.” Yes! I’m over in the #14 spot.


  4. Well, it took me a few days, but I’m so glad I made it here. 🙂 Your moon pictures are beautiful. And your application points? Spot on. Your reminder that failure is not the final word in a situation is so needed. Thanks for taking the optimistic view in dealing with those regrets and failures where I could have chosen differently. 🙂 I needed those reminders. 🙂


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