Cutting Through the Minutia

I start my day with the full intention of spending quiet time with Him; focusing my day and setting priorities.

Yet my journal is buried under the piles on my desk ~ along with any working pen in which to write.  My computer mouse is trapped between Lego’s and Hot Wheels ~ there’s no computer time until some room is made.

My time with Him is ticking away because I’m digging through papers and caught up in clearing the desk instead of clearing MY agenda to make room for HIS.

How easily I let myself become distracted.  I find myself multi-tasking…

  • Let me just throw this load of wash in…
  • I’ll just pick up these shoes by the front door…clear it away to start a new day!
  • This plant needs some water…
  • The dog needs her food…
  • The phone rings, the email beckons and Facebook pulls me in…

Before I realize it, my quiet morning is gone; filled up with minutia…things that could have waited, but I chose to pour myself into them instead of into Him.  I think I’m saving time but really I’m just filling time with distractions.

Even now, while I try and write this post, things of the day pull me in different directions and I must fight for focus.

Just a few moments focused in the Word and prayer cuts through the minutia and calms the crazy.  My heart is more settled, my ears are more attentive and my eyes are more open to see Him in the everyday.

I look in His Word and find:

  • The Lord makes firm the steps of those who delight in Him… (Psalm 37:23)
  • As I take delight in the Lord; He gives me the desires of my heart.  (Psalm 37:4)
  • Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him… (Psalm 37:5)

I choose – I focus – For the moment, I mentally and physically walk away from sorting the mess on my desk to choose what is better ~ I walk away from the worry and the mess that upsets, to that which matters…to The One who matters.  I choose what is better and it will not be taken from me.

I’ll get my desk sorted, my mouse set free, the laundry will get done and the dog will be fed.

What needs to get done will get done

And with my day focused towards Him, it might not go perfectly…most likely it won’t…there will be hiccups, disturbances, crazy people in traffic and dropped egg on the floor, but as I choose to set my mind on Him, I have a Peace ~ His Presence ~ that cuts through the minutia and walks with me through the day.

7 thoughts on “Cutting Through the Minutia

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  2. Slowly working my way back through your posts. I got stuck on 14 August (Pursuing) for a couple of days re-reading it several times before giving in and printing out the words from “Pursuing God isn’t something…” and sticking the printout into my journal. Yet this post could be a picture of the start of most of my days. I plan to spend time alone with God but there are so many distractions.


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