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Setting God as a Priority #MoreofGod

Setting God as a Priority #MoreofGod

As people of faith we understand the importance of time spent with God. Just as we understand that exercise is important for staying healthy and eating a balanced diet along with a good night’s sleep all make for better living and a better day ahead. It’s not that we don’t think these things are important, … Continue reading

Books I Read in 2015

As the year is winding down, I am packing away 2015 and remembering events of this past year.  In planning the days on the next calendar page, I like to look back at what we’ve already done. I found a theme happening this year from people saying, “You’ve never read…(fill in the blank of any … Continue reading

You are seen. You are loved.

This last weekend I had the honor of hosting Women of Faith LOVED Simulcast tour and this is what I was reminded of the whole way through. You are seen!  You are not invisible to God.  You are loved. In our crowded lives of busy schedules and hectic days, we are not unseen,  we are not forgotten. This weekend … Continue reading

Adoption ~ It Changes Everything

Last week I watched a family transform.  It was the official start of a new beginning. “J” came to them through the foster program over three years ago. His life before made his transition difficult at times. It took patience. Yet love overcame and a beautiful little boy emerged from that small shell of a body … Continue reading

Learning to Live Fulfilled ~ {and a Giveaway}

Have you ever met someone on a whim and then afterward realized what a special moment you just shared? Well, I met sweet Danise Jurado this spring when we happened to be neighbors at a blog link-up. Danise has a wonderful story of forgiveness, struggle and continual work of grace as she lives out the … Continue reading