Adoption ~ It Changes Everything

Last week I watched a family transform.  It was the official start of a new beginning.

“J” came to them through the foster program over three years ago. His life before made his transition difficult at times. It took patience. Yet love overcame and a beautiful little boy emerged from that small shell of a body that held his big heart.

Dave and I sat in the back of the court room. A quiet hush fell over the courtroom as the “All rise” was called out and the judge entered.

The little boy’s future rested in this judge’s signature.

There was no fear in J’s little eyes. He sat small and still between his new mom and dad. His little voice boomed out as he addressed the judge before him.

“Can I say something?” J asked.

“Yes, go ahead.”

The court room waited.

J looked around and tilted his head up toward those on either side of him and began… “I just want to thank God for all His promises and for bringing me my new family… and for the cross… and for all He does for me.”

My eyes spilled over and a golf-ball lump stuck in my throat as I tried to swallow the emotions welling up inside.

With a stroke of his pen, the judge made it complete.

J’s name was changed and his life direction was altered.

This boy’s destiny was changed. Love stepped in and changed the direction of his path. J now belongs. His life journey was altered as God’s grace stepped in.

Throughout time, God crosses paths with people, interrupting their days and taking them in a new, better direction.

  • He interrupted Jacob’s life of deceit; changed his name and Jacob became Israel, the father of many nations. God changed his destiny.
  • He moved Joseph from the pit and prison to Pharoah’s right hand man. His life direction was altered and his family was saved.
  • God interrupted the life of Naomi. Where she saw bitterness and loss, God brought love and life. He changed the destiny of her family.
  • Hadassah’s name was changed to Esther and in God’s timing and placement, He worked through her to save His people from destruction.
  • Jesus changed Simon to ‘Peter, the rock’. He established the early church and strong foundation of faith through Peter’s transformed life.
  • He stopped Saul/Paul in his tracks as he persecuted Christians. God changed his direction, redirected his path and made him an apostle and author of the majority of the New Testament.

God does this same thing for each of us. We each have a path we’re traveling.

And for each of us, God meets us on our path.

  • He interrupts,
  • He redirects
  • He invites us to belong to His family.
  • He offers us a new beginning.

For each of us, He speaks, “You are mine and I love you.”

Being a part of His family changes everything. He loves each of us as His own. Just as J’s life’s direction was altered when the judge changed His name. God can alter our journey as well when we trust Him with our lives.

Today, allow God to step into your journey. Let His grace change your direction.  He knows what He’s doing.  We can trust Him because His ways are always good.


  • What new direction is God leading you into?
  • In what area is it difficult for you to trust God?

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15 thoughts on “Adoption ~ It Changes Everything

  1. Thank you Rachel for this reminder of how God transforms us. We are well aware of the power of adoption into a new family in our family – My wife Marilyn was adopted as a baby, and our eldest son and his wife adopted a little boy just over two years ago. What a difference we have seen in him in that time.

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  2. Wow, beautiful. Thanks for sharing and unpacking deeper and deeper.
    One small note-you mentioned that God changed Paul’s name from Saul, but I always had the idea that Paul did this himself..? Something special about the names is that Saul means “desired” and Paul means “little.” Bless our poor brother Paul who had to live with all that he did against the Christians before Damascus. At the same time, I see God looking on Paul and his great zeal for the Lord (thus his fiery attack against what he thought was blasphemy against the One True God).
    God indeed knows how to shift our stories!
    Love to you, thanks again


  3. I don’t know that God is leading me in any new directions…wait, yes he is. I’m feeling led to get involved in prayer ministry. It scares me, because I’m not very social and I take a long time to get to know people.


  4. Rachel, adoption does change things and is such a gift. It is something I’m continually praying about. Is God calling me yo be an adoptive mom? God can indeed alter our journey can’t he? And he does!


  5. “I just want to thank God for all His promises and for bringing me my new family… and for the cross… and for all He does for me.” Oh my…what an incredibly beautiful and wise young soul. Blessings and hugs…


  6. Rachel, this is such a beautiful post and story. Those interruptions often don’t seem pleasant at the time but as I once heard Crystal Evans Hurst say, when God interrupts us it’s always a good thing. I feel a change brewing but I’m not quite sure where he’s leading yet. Praying and trusting. Thanks so much for sharing this.


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