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When Mother’s Day Is Hard

I watch them swing in unison…my two youngest. They challenge each other to swing higher and jump farther. His head swings back in delight and giggles come up from his belly. I watch with pure joy as my thoughts go to earlier days when my own swing set with the leg-burning metal slide sat in my backyard.  Our … Continue reading

It’s a beautiful mess…

On Friday’s, we meet up with Lisa-Jo Baker and write for 5 minutes.  No real editing, over-thinking or over-doing.  We just share together in this wonderful mess.  And that’s the prompt for this week. MESS.  Join us if you’d like at Five-Minute-Friday GO It’s a beautiful mess, this life of grace. I’m so over trying to … Continue reading

My story of failing…and I’m okay with it.

This past weekend, we hosted the (in)RL conference at our church.  It was a weekend of amazing stories in the messy and the beautiful, intermingled with grace. I sat with close friends along with new friends.  We listened to women broken and wounded, yet redeemed and grace-filled — women with stories of community.  My heart swelled with … Continue reading

Butterflies in my belly

The day has arrived!!! And I’ve got silly butterflies in my belly trying to fly free. The planning is done. The invites are sent and all is ready to go!  The tables are set, the food is prepared and the door is wide open.  Won’t you join us?     This is the first year I … Continue reading

Good Friday —The day we remember

In my faith journey, Good Friday has become a very important time of remembering for me. For Jesus’ disciples, his mother and the many who loved Him on this earth, it was a day of great sadness. They did not have the perspective that Easter was coming. For them, it was the end. How could … Continue reading

How do we lighten the load?

Standing in the shower, I wish I could wash away the weight of the week. Sometimes life piles up and I carry more weight than I would like. I’ve heard some say, God never asks you to carry more than you can bear…. or… God must think you’re strong because of how much He’s given … Continue reading

Cutting Away the Excess

Beneath my kitchen window, I have this one crazy plant that is growing out of control.  Its rambling shoots reach out in different directions and catch my sleeve as I walk by.  My hubby scooted by it the other day and it somehow got ahold and tried to pull him in.  I figured it was time to prune … Continue reading