It’s a beautiful mess…

On Friday’s, we meet up with Lisa-Jo Baker and write for 5 minutes.  No real editing, over-thinking or over-doing.  We just share together in this wonderful mess.  And that’s the prompt for this week. MESS.  Join us if you’d like at Five-Minute-Friday


It’s a beautiful mess, this life of grace.

I’m so over trying to pull of perfect.  I’ve relieved the pressure and I’m happy in my skin.  This is something new for me.  You’d think after this many years, I’d be okay with me.

Thinking back to those awkward years of Jr. High, a group of girls formed the Hang 10 gang.  Only 10 were allowed.  You were either in or out… and I was out…not allowed in.

That’s when those quiet thoughts began to find their voice, speaking:  “You’re not good enough.”

If I could talk to my 8th grade self, I’d say:

“You are beautiful!  You’re funny and smart.  You are bursting with potential and life.  Don’t waste it on striving to fit in but let what is in you… shine out.”

I’d speak life to her in the middle of that mess.

Those years were ugly and messy…those years of finding one’s self.

And now some 30 years later, I’m still finding myself; discovering new roads and living out dreams.

And that’s this beauty of grace….we give Him our mess…those mistakes and mess-ups and He makes it all grace.


11 thoughts on “It’s a beautiful mess…

  1. We give him our mess, and He makes it all grace. This is so beautiful and true. I have similar Jr. High memories. I think I would also love to share truth with my younger self, and tell myself to not worry so much about what other girls thought. Thank you for sharing your heart and your thoughts with us/


  2. I am constantly amazed to look at old pictures of myself and remember my own internal self-talk at the time. it was so negative and so damaging to my self-image. Grateful to be able to see past all of that now!


  3. Love your opening line, “It’s a beautiful mess, this life of grace.” YES! Oh and how! I can relate to the high school years, and all the grade school ones too. On the out. Then, sort of friends with many but not “really” friends with most. It’s a blessing to meet you Rachel. I look forward to connecting more in the future!


  4. Oh man, I would never want to live those Jr. High days! I went through very similar experiences. I was never the “popular kid.” I’m so glad you finally reached a place where you’re comfortable in your skin. It’s a lovely place to be! Thanks for sharing.


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