Good Friday —The day we remember

In my faith journey, Good Friday has become a very important time of remembering for me.

For Jesus’ disciples, his mother and the many who loved Him on this earth, it was a day of great sadness. They did not have the perspective that Easter was coming. For them, it was the end.

How could the One who came to save them die? From the perspective of that day, Life was now gone, the Light snuffed out and death had won out again.

I have sat with loved ones as they draw near the end of their time here on this earth. There is sadness and heaviness that hangs in the air. In our humanness, we want things to be set right.

  • What can we do?
  • How can we relieve pain for them?
  • Have we said all that we need and want to say?

We speak of love again and assure them of our presence. We stay near until the end.  It was that same way for those who stood near the cross that day.

The agony of watching life end here on earth is long. Time stands still and nothing else matters at the moment.

For those who loved Him, all their hopes hung in the balance. They were helpless to stop the happenings of the day.

Had they known what we know now, they would have understood the importance of those events.  And even as we read the Gospels, the authors speak with that hope now realized.  Yet on that day, they had to live through the dark and allow Life to die.

Today, we remember the weight of that day.

  • The day Christ carried all our sin to the cross.
  • The day His blood spilled out, paying the ultimate price.

With thankfulness, we remember.

  • For with that price paid, we are now forgiven.
  • With that price paid, we are now redeemed.



2 thoughts on “Good Friday —The day we remember

  1. Yes, scripture doesn’t say much about the day after Jesus’ death, and I always wonder what the disciples were thinking. I can’t imagine the sadness they felt. I’m so grateful for the hope that even on dark days, we know Christ is alive. He is risen! Great post! Thanks for sharing.


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