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What’s so good about Good Friday?

Yesterday, I was scrolling Facebook when a status caught my eye. “What’s so “good” about Good Friday? I mean, when was death ever good? In our own human understanding death is an end of what we know now. Yet as people who now live on the other side of Easter. Death had to happen before resurrected … Continue reading

Good Friday —The day we remember

In my faith journey, Good Friday has become a very important time of remembering for me. For Jesus’ disciples, his mother and the many who loved Him on this earth, it was a day of great sadness. They did not have the perspective that Easter was coming. For them, it was the end. How could … Continue reading

Waiting…a little longer

Today the Light is gone from our Easter Garden.  The tomb is closed and a sadness fills my heart.  I walk past the darkened earth that just yesterday was full of light.   I wait….wait for Sunday.  But what about those on the first Good Friday who didn’t know Sunday was coming…who didn’t know Resurrection was … Continue reading