Waiting…a little longer

100_7846Today the Light is gone from our Easter Garden.  The tomb is closed and a sadness fills my heart.  I walk past the darkened earth that just yesterday was full of light.   I wait….wait for Sunday.  But what about those on the first Good Friday who didn’t know Sunday was coming…who didn’t know Resurrection was just around the corner.


This Giving Up is new for me and the impact on my soul has been ripping…ripping away things I didn’t even know were there.  A solace time away with Him, away from media and things that distract me…solace, alone.  And now, with the Light out and the tomb closed, I wait…

What was it to have Hope gone…what now?  The tearing of the heart, the ripping away of all one knew. As a mother, I can’t imagine the agony Mary went through…to watch what she held near for so many years torn away.

Jesus, who offered himself in exchange for everyone held captive by sin, to set them all free. ~ I Timothy 2:6

For all…for everyone He gave…He emptied Himself.

As a “do-er”, the one to fix the wrong—who acts to get things done, I squirm in my skin thinking: “What can I do to fix this?…to make this all better…to make this go away, this ache in my heart.

And then I hear Him say, “I did this for you!  Just wait, ponder, think of My Love for you…I did this for you!”

So today as I sit at the quiet dinner table, the Light out and the Tomb closed…I wait a little longer.

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