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The Beginning of Lent and Not Having It My Way

The Beginning of Lent and Not Having It My Way

Lent begins today, a 40-day journey toward Easter. I didn’t grow up in the tradition of practicing Lent.  It’s only been in the last 10 years I have paid attention to the idea of giving something up, laying something down or limiting myself in an area of excess in my life. I’m currently reading the … Continue reading

When our “want-to” wants to…

Can we just say a big “Ooohh Yay!”  for Friday?  I love the weekend and the different pace it brings. This is also the day we link up with Kate and the gang over at Five Minute Friday.  Kate gives the word prompt and we write, link-up and share together.  Join us here! Our word … Continue reading

When Giving Up is Our Best Option

Today is the beginning of Lent, a giving up, a setting aside of things for a time of seeking God more. For 40 days, we set aside temporary desires. I didn’t grow up in the tradition of Lent but I have grown to love this discipline of losing to gain. I’m not losing to manipulate … Continue reading

Lent snuck up on me this year

I knew it was coming but I’ve been in the throes of kidz church for the last few weeks and I’ve been lost in their age group.  My world has been homeschooling, grading papers for quarterly reports, preparing for upcoming speaking events and all around ministry that I missed this whole thing of Lent beginning today. Emily and … Continue reading

Cutting Away the Excess

Beneath my kitchen window, I have this one crazy plant that is growing out of control.  Its rambling shoots reach out in different directions and catch my sleeve as I walk by.  My hubby scooted by it the other day and it somehow got ahold and tried to pull him in.  I figured it was time to prune … Continue reading

A Desert Journey ~ Lent

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and my intention was to publish this on Tuesday evening, but as you might relate, other things happened. It all started last week, when my little guy turned 5 and we had a pirate party to plan and execute!  Our weekend was full of fullness and then Monday was catch-up day from the … Continue reading

The Morning Came…

The morning came with fresh cinnamon rolls, baked breakfast dishes and fresh fruit.  The table decorations were complete and the celebration ready to begin! The new dress was donned with sandals complete!… What was I thinking with these sandals?…I mused to myself as my heels sunk into the muddy ground at the egg hunt! Through the … Continue reading