When our “want-to” wants to…

Five-Minute-Friday-4Can we just say a big “Ooohh Yay!”  for Friday?  I love the weekend and the different pace it brings. This is also the day we link up with Kate and the gang over at Five Minute Friday.  Kate gives the word prompt and we write, link-up and share together.  Join us here! Our word prompt today is: LIMIT


With this whole season of Lent, we put limits on ourselves.  We limit our desires and put boundary lines in place.  Our little comforts get displaced and when our normal routine gets disrupted our attitudes, behaviors and mindsets begin to be jostled around.  What’s on the inside gets knocked out.  We are put on edge and those little things on the inside begin to overflow into our days.

When we put limits on ourselves we give up comfort.  And that makes us uncomfortable.

I’m soft.  I have a soft life with many soft comforts provided for me.

If I’m chilled I just put on an extra layer, grab a comfy blanket and curl up with some hot yummy drink.  I can turn up the thermostat or take a hot shower.  There’s an endless array of ways I can eliminate that chill in the air.

Our lives are cushioned.  These comforts make us soft, thin-skinned and a tad-bit comfortable.

We like our simple pleasures to be just that… pleasures.

Putting limits on ourselves is a discipline of the will.  And sometimes our ‘want-to’ just wants to and we find ourselves in a teachable moment about ourselves.

  • How do we respond when our comforts aren’t there?
  • Why do we act this way?
  • What’s at the root of my ‘want-to’ not getting its ‘want-to’?
  • What are ways I can handle this better?

This whole ‘giving-up’ is a temporary limit we’ve placed on ourselves to teach us about our own selves.

  • How do we function when our pleasures, needs and wants are limited?
  • What does this tell us about ourselves? 
  • How do I lay down more of myself and gain more of Him in my life?

This giving up and going without teaches us lessons.  Let the lesson work it’s self out in you.

Keep pressing into Him and let Him do this stretching and working out in you.  The One who called you into this journey is still with you in it.

Grab an encourager and accountability friend… Don’t journey alone.

Stay teachable. Stay flexible and stay connected to Him.

This giving up is a good thing.  Let Him work it out in you.

Happy Friday all!

12 thoughts on “When our “want-to” wants to…

  1. I’ve found giving up is done in vain if it’s not done for the right reasons. So many years I just went through the motions. This year I’m not giving up something, but I’m adding something in to glorify Him. I love how God directs us individually, and I appreciate your words of encouragement to lean into Him in it. Such a gift! As always, your words are beautiful, Rachel. Many blessings to you today.


  2. I love the saying about finding out who a person truly is by how they react to lost luggage and rainy days. When an unexpected limit crops up, I think we are challenged to choose which self we bring to the table. Beautifully put!


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