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Waiting…a little longer

Today the Light is gone from our Easter Garden.  The tomb is closed and a sadness fills my heart.  I walk past the darkened earth that just yesterday was full of light.   I wait….wait for Sunday.  But what about those on the first Good Friday who didn’t know Sunday was coming…who didn’t know Resurrection was … Continue reading

Tired of Giving Up Yet?

We have not yet reached the halfway mark of the Giving Up, yet I have the selfish inclination of wanting to give up! Are we done with this yet…this giving up? How easily I slip back into desiring my own small wants…wanting my own appetites whetted. I question: “Does this really count for anything…this giving … Continue reading

A Giving up…

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lenten season. Growing up, we didn’t practice Ash Wednesday, Lent, or Maude Thursday.  We leaned more of our emphasis towards Easter and the power of The Resurrection. As a young girl, I was more interested in the idea of new white sandals and a beautiful dress for the occasion.  … Continue reading