Butterflies in my belly

The day has arrived!!! And I’ve got silly butterflies in my belly trying to fly free.

The planning is done. The invites are sent and all is ready to go!  The tables are set, the food is prepared and the door is wide open.  Won’t you join us?


These tags are waiting for your name!

These tags are waiting for your name!


This is the first year I have hosted an (in)Real Conference and these girls have made it fun!  Talk about encouraging ladies…these girls have it going on!  The girlfriends at (in)courage have done an amazing job…from invites and crafts to print-outs and video feeds.  It’s a whole community of ladies working together to share our stories and how God works out our journey through His faithful acts of love!

For those right here in my location, come hang out with us! But if you’re too far away, you can still join us in community for this free virtual girl’s weekend.  It’s not too late!!  Register for free at (in)REAL conference!  We would love to connect with you!

Some who are not tech savvy might be thinking…”What is she talking about?…How can I do this?”  It can be confusing the first time but once you’ve got this figured out, you will be so blessed by all the words of encouragement and come away refreshed.  There’s something about hanging out with girlfriends, sharing together and walking away full…ready to face that new day, that new challenge, that next step!

So grab a cup of coffee, curl up in your favorite place and join us!

We all have a story and we need your story!

5 thoughts on “Butterflies in my belly

  1. What a wonderful group of girls who are doing a great work for the Lord in their community! I can see the love of God reaching out to connect lives and bring purpose to change their circumstances to His Glory!! Thank you Rachel, you are a blessing! Praise Him~Zoey


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