Our Sweet Spot of Rhythm…God’s Love and Peace

For the last month, I’ve moved from one event to the next… telling myself, “Just get through Mother’s Day.”

We went from Easter to in(RL), from in(RL) to Mom’s Night Out and then slid into Mother’s Day with everything biting at my heels in between.

After sharing at our church on Mother’s Day, we headed to a lovely, elegant and serene spot for lunch. Well, it’s not really any of those things but I love their food and Hubby had said, “Rachel… your day, your way.”

And Wings Over Ithaca is my way…sweet chili boneless chicken wings dipped in blue cheese dressing, waffle fries and a Caesar salad. YUM!

All through lunch, Hubby and the kids were bursting with clues about my gift.

“We have your whole day planned, Mom, and it’s jam-packed with activity!!”

That wasn’t really ideal for me because the four previous weeks had been jammed…but I played along.

“You’re goin’ wanna wear something that stretches.”

Hmmm…they stumped me there. I was beginning to wonder if unwanted physical activity was in my near future and I wasn’t really up for a work-out.

After many clues and mind-playing games, Hubby brought out the prize.

My very own hammock! Aaahhh…you do not know how in love I was… instantly!

I have a love affair with hammocks!

I have wanted one for years…and not one on a stand but one hanging from trees.
But certain things are needed for that to happen. First of all, trees of the right size and width apart and —it’s all about location, location, location!

I now have the perfect trees and the perfect location!!

So after 4 weeks of stepping from one event to the next, I stepped right into that hammock and didn’t leave for 4 hours! It was….and still is…a beautiful thing! I indulge in reading, swinging and chit-chatting. I have even snuck in a few naps….a beautiful thing indeed!


And now, we are all learning hammock mechanics. Even Matthew has learned to get in and out without flipping over. It’s all about crawlin’ and sprawlin’.

And some days, I feel exactly like that…

Grasping at the ropes and working hard to maintain balance. I juggle schedules and strive for stability. And I’ve found if I lean too far in one direction, I might face plant myself into the dirt below.

Yet when I find that Center, that sweet spot of steady, I’m able to relax. I can enjoy the steady rhythm and maybe even sneak in a nap! (Yeah, maybe not…yet the idea is beautiful!)

Our Center is found in the quiet knowing that He holds us in balance. And when we trust Him with the details of the day, the steady rhythm becomes smoother.

Your day may be filled with swaying and juggling of schedules and appointments. You may be grasping for stability and longing for balance through some rough-going days.

My prayer for you this day is… as you trust Him with the details, you will find that sweet spot of rhythm …the steadiness of His Love and the balance of His peace.

My view from my hammock!

My view from my hammock!

How do you find balance in the everyday?  

You can leave a comment below!  I would love to hear from you!



8 thoughts on “Our Sweet Spot of Rhythm…God’s Love and Peace

  1. Finding balance with kids and commitments is difficult… Sometimes other people won’t ‘let’ me have the space I want or need for relaxing and re-centering… So I look for simple pleasures — classical music on the radio, spring flowers blooming by the side of the street, goldfinches flitting from tree to bush, an interesting new book at the library.


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