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It’s Our Time and Our Place #TellHisStory

I’m from a small, farming community in Southwest Iowa. It’s in ‘fly over country’, as some might say. On one of our final days of our 28-day-journey, we were visiting my hometown’s museum. My sister and I went from exhibit to exhibit, reading the stories of those from before and my heart whispered again, “Each … Continue reading

Everyone Has a Story- #TellHisStory

Driving through Chicago, the rain pelted our windshield faster than we could wipe it away. Lightning splintered across the dark sky and we kept driving through. Our goal when driving is always get to the other side of Chicago before stopping for the night. Starting a day with Chicago morning traffic is never a good … Continue reading

My story of failing…and I’m okay with it.

This past weekend, we hosted the (in)RL conference at our church.  It was a weekend of amazing stories in the messy and the beautiful, intermingled with grace. I sat with close friends along with new friends.  We listened to women broken and wounded, yet redeemed and grace-filled — women with stories of community.  My heart swelled with … Continue reading

Butterflies in my belly

The day has arrived!!! And I’ve got silly butterflies in my belly trying to fly free. The planning is done. The invites are sent and all is ready to go!  The tables are set, the food is prepared and the door is wide open.  Won’t you join us?     This is the first year I … Continue reading

Just for Fun Friday ~ Story

Today we’re linking up with Five Minute Friday. The rules are: Lisa Jo gives us a word to write on for 5 minutes…no major editing, no thinking too much…just writing and linking back to her site. This is actually a very fun writing challenge. If you have time to just browse today I would encourage … Continue reading