Everyone Has a Story- #TellHisStory

Driving through Chicago, the rain pelted our windshield faster than we could wipe it away. Lightning splintered across the dark sky and we kept driving through.

Our goal when driving is always get to the other side of Chicago before stopping for the night. Starting a day with Chicago morning traffic is never a good idea. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

The rain continued and we pressed on….just get to the other side!

There are rail stations down the middle of Chicago’s I-80. Commuters and students wait on the concrete platform for their next train.

As we passed, some stood and watched the night sky in the direction of their coming train. Others passed the time on their smart phones; catching up on the day’s events or finishing up those last-minute assignments.

As we drove by those waiting in the dark, our oldest tossed this out, “Every one of these people has a story….if we followed any one of them, they would each have a place they are going….each have a place they have been.”

I sat and pondered this as we drove on.

I thought about how some are rushing home to those they love, others will have only the quietness of their surroundings to welcome them, while another may have no home at all.

Each one has their story with their own characters and scenes. Each one has a story line, intro, middle and end.

And as we kept driving and wondering about where each person’s story on that platform would take them, the thought echoed in my mind and I spoke it into the darkness…. He knows every story.

He knows our story.

This was the first night of our journey and this thought traveled with me throughout our time. Everyone has a story.

I kept bumping into this thought and kept hearing His whisper,  “Everyone has a story….and I know them all.”


From the city crowded with buildings, lights and traffic to the wide open spaces of the prairies, dirt roads and fields, each one lives out their story in their own setting, style and genre.

And that is the beauty….everyone is a story and He knows them all.

From the city glow to the lone barn light….He is there. 

8 thoughts on “Everyone Has a Story- #TellHisStory

  1. I have just read this excellent post again Rachel. I am so touched by the reminder that God knows my story – and knows everyone else’s stories too. We easily forget that everyone has a story. Looking forward to hearing more of what God placed on your heart during your vacation.

    We spent nine days in a cabin on a holiday camp in West Sweden at the end of August. God especially blessed us through the timing of our stay – the Swedish school term had started the previous week and everywhere was close to being deserted. I can’t describe the blessing of the silence we woke to each morning, not to mention the stunning beauty of our surroundings. Even our eighteen-year old daughter was overawed by God’s wonderful creation. I’m not sure she has noticed it before!


    • That’s wonderful!

      Yes, I’m so thankful for those times away in the beauty and solitude of His creation….His gift to us in this crazy, hectic world.

      I’m so happy you were able to get away with your family…it’s a beautiful thing!


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