Are We Ever Really Ready? #FMF Friday ~ Ready

Now that I’m getting back into the groove of life. I’m once again joining up with my friends at Five Minute Friday.  This is where we are given the same word prompt and each write on that word for 5 minutes.  We link up over with Kate Matoung and encourage one another with words.  Come join us!


Today’s word prompt is: READY


“We head south today.” That’s all Hubby said and the tears fell.

On this long trip of dropping off our daughter for college, we had planned stops along the way. People to see, places to go, mountains to climb and water slides to conquer but today was the day we were heading south towards Seattle.

I wrote in my journal that day:

Before on this trip we were always heading north. We we’re continually moving up, stepping higher. But today….today we begin the descent. There is no more heading somewhere else.

Even though this trip has been heading us toward this ultimate destination of taking her to a new place to live, the words, “We’re heading south today” hit heavy in my gut.

Excitement builds for her…as it should.  Each mile traveled carries us closer and builds anticipation.

I’m excited for her and this new beginning in her journey. Time has moved quickly and she’s grown up before my very eyes.

Grace carries me through as I swallow hard each mile that ticks by. I can’t stop the miles and I can’t stop the tears.

It’s a process and today’s a hard day as we begin heading south.

Are we ever really ready for the day we let them go?

As parents we raise them to let them go and I’ve heard that many times, yet when we are faced with that moment it’s harder than you think.

A month before our trip, I met with a good friend.  We sat in the coffee shop and sobs literally poured from my eye ducts.

“I can’t imagine leaving her. I can’t handle walking away from my daughter and leaving her behind.”

And my friend’s words of wisdom…a mom who has been there…spoke:

“Rachel, no matter how you imagine it….. no matter how bad you think it will be…it’s going to be worse!”

Wow! That just oozed with soothing sympathy.

But she went on,

“So stop imagining how awful it’s going to be and instead live in the joy of the days you have with her now. Know it’s going to be bad… yet live in joy today and for all the days you have with her.  And then, when the day comes…let it be terrible….let it be hard. Because it will be….and nothing you try and do to make it not be hard will work.”

And she was right….and that’s why I love her!

So we played, we laughed and I smiled at my grown-up girl as she packed herself away in boxes and suitcases. We shopped, drank coffee, and shopped some more.

I loved each moment and snapped pictures in my mind for my memory bank of life.

And ready or not…the day came…and I wasn’t ready….no one ever is.

It’s tough and it’s hard and tears still come reliving that moment as it unfolded.

But this is what I know now…. It’s a necessary step for us and for them.

We let go of familiar to experience something new

We move forward to move closer to Him.

And whether we are ready or not…He holds us either way.



13 thoughts on “Are We Ever Really Ready? #FMF Friday ~ Ready

  1. My heart aches for you, as every time I’m re-united with my kids and then they leave, or we leave, I feel the severing of my heart again, but I try to focus on the moments of good times while we’re re-united.


    • Yes, that’s thing the thing. It is so hard but at the same time so wonderful and proud as a parent that they are doing what God wants them to do and stepping out in faith. You are right…we might not be ready but He always is and He helps us become ready!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing!


  2. I have ‘headed South’ a couple of times with my kids. Moved one 3 times in 3 years. Moved the other to college, back home, out again and now back home. It doesn’t get easier but you do begin to see God’s hands in it all and you learn to trust Him more and more.


  3. As someone who just graduated from college a year ago, I remember well the day that I was dropped off by my parents. It was hard for me, too! As was my wedding day, knowing that I was closing that chapter of my life. We grieve these endings and look forward with wide eyed anticipation to all the new beginnings, knowing that they can’t happen apart from each other. Bless you!


  4. Bless your heart. I understand the sadness of your heart. It is sooo hard letting go. That’s your baby. I too have been there, and have felt lonely at times because my boys don’t call as often as I think they should. Lol
    My oldest is 31 and I still have a hard time coming to grips that he needs to learn life’s lessons and fly on his own. We as mothers never really cut the apron strings. We simply have to put them in God’s hands and “trust” that He will walk by their side and lead them down the right road in life. I put both of my sons in God’s hands every night, and it has helped take the worry away.
    I’m only a phone call away if you just need to talk~~ hugs


  5. My ‘boys’ have been out of the house since they were 19 and 24. Now they’re 28 and 23. I’m still not ready. I have good days and not so good days, but I also have the Lord and friends. You’re not alone. In the infamous words of Bob Marley — Every little thing’s gonna be all right. ❤


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