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And The Winners Are…

What a fun couple of days it has been! Starting the new Facebook page! Meeting new email followers and now sharing coffee! To all those who have joined us I say: THANK YOU for becoming part of the community here. I’m excited you’re joining us on this journey. I encourage you to join the discussions through … Continue reading

Come for Coffee, It’s on Me!

My daughter has returned from her missions trip to Colombia!!! Not only did she return home safely but she brought with her pounds of coffee…yum! (What a good girl!) To celebrate her return and to do something new, I’m inviting you to join us on this blogging journey. In this crazy life, we sometimes Trip … Continue reading

Scrolling the smartphone in a small town

Over the past 7 days we’ve been traveling…traveling in places where a wi-fi connection or any kind of connection to the worldwide web is patchy and limited. (Hence the failure of posting this week.) And with this connection failure, a disconnected feeling occurs… What’s happening? … What am I missing? But other great things happen…things we might … Continue reading

The Quandary of the Morning

My computer is dying a slow death. I turn it on in the morning and it grinds and groans awake.  Sometimes like me…slowly grinding and groaning, not wanting to move from my comfortable place of slumber. This morning was one of those mornings. There was a chill in the air and all was quiet outside…even … Continue reading

Do I just need more coffee???

A good mamma would scold me and say: “Honey… you got out of bed on the wrong side.  Go back and crawl out the other side!”  I’m irritated at everything and nothing — all at the same time.  The coffee isn’t doing it and nothing else works either. A week of weakness…I’m not strong.  I feel weak and beaten.  I’m aware of … Continue reading