A send-off for another semester ~ #fmfparty

It’s Five Minute Friday with Kate and the gang! This is when we all link up and write on the same word prompt for 5 minutes — no over thinking, editing or stress — just free-write.

Our word prompt today:  SEND


This week we sent our daughter off for another semester…and for those wondering, it wasn’t as bad this time.  I wasn’t a belly gusher of sobbing tears.

Yes, I got teary-eyed as I hugged and kissed my daughter’s sweet face yet another piece of me just stood back in wonderment at this beauty before me.

We watched her as she was getting ready for the infamous security check.  Taking off her shoes, whipping out the laptop, emptying pockets and basically disrobing for security.  There were other college students there with parents on our side watching this whole procession.  I leaned over to Dave and whispered, “This is the generation who thinks nothing of this taking off of belts and shoes for a security scan.”

I remember when those security measures were first instituted.  What a crazy mess I was trying to keep everything into little totes that I had to keep together, push along the table and then in 2 minutes pull it back down on off the conveyor belt and put it all back on again.  I was a frazzled crazy woman.

Yet this generation just seems to have it all down and for them this is nothing out of the ordinary.

I’m proud of them… this next generation.

They will take us further than we can imagine.

We send them off into their own destiny.  They are becoming, growing and changing.  And it makes this mama proud!

I watched in amazement how this one I used to hold on my lap through flights across the country now travels alone and does just fine.


Happy Friday all!


15 thoughts on “A send-off for another semester ~ #fmfparty

  1. Rachel, just stopping by from FMF! Your post is so heartfelt and as one of the younger generation, I can’t imagine what it’s like to drop a kid off at college. You say “I watched in amazement how this one I used to hold on my lap through flights across the country now travels alone and does just fine.” Yeah we do just fine, but we still need and want our Mamas 🙂 Have a wonderful Friday!

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  2. My daughter is just 11 but I think of that every time we travel too or when we watch an older show and the people go all the way to the gate. How she will never see that or understand how goodbyes at airports use to be.

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  3. Rachel, Posts like this remind me to savor my todays. My little one is just starting school. We read a book together last night and rarity of rarities, she climbed right into my lap. A good post that made me appreciate all we’re blessed with. Thank you.


    • Yes, those moments go so fast. Our oldest is in college like I just mentioned and then we have 2 other older teens. Then God blessed us with another small one after 10 years and we have a 5 year old as well. I find myself so much more patient this time around and savoring those moments because I know them to go so fast! 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us!


  4. I cry every time my kids leave (and a few imes when they come back 🙂 ). My son has lived on his own for 4 years and only about an hour away but it is just realizing that the relationship is changing.


    • Yes! You get it! Amazing how we all see the world so differently from generation to generation. Yet another consolation through this whole thing is how He transcends all that and meets every generation right where they are! Thanks for sharing!


  5. I’m proud for those moms like you who have to send her sons and daughters far away from you to continue studing… One day not to far I’m gonna do the same… I hope I could be prapared for that


    • Yes, some days are easier than others. That’s why I’m so thankful for Skype so I can connect and see her. Also it’s great to have unlimited talking and texting so we can connect!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us!


  6. This whole discussion about tight security makes me miss the days of flying as a five-year-old and being allowed into the cockpit with my parent…in mid-flight, no less!

    Hope you all are doing well! 🙂

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