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Advent ~ His Coming to Us

The calendar date of Thanksgiving has passed. We’ve put away the harvest decorations and brought out the winter scene. The tree is up, lit and decorated. The Nativity is in place and the candles are ready for their spark. And even though the Thanksgiving weekend is over the season for Thanksgiving is just getting started. … Continue reading

September 11 is Never the Same

Some calendar days pass by with little significance to us individually. This is not one of those days. The date is spoken or we see it written out and something internal goes off. A sickening feeling in the pit of the stomach or a dry lump rises up in the back of the throat. This … Continue reading

Everyone Has a Story- #TellHisStory

Driving through Chicago, the rain pelted our windshield faster than we could wipe it away. Lightning splintered across the dark sky and we kept driving through. Our goal when driving is always get to the other side of Chicago before stopping for the night. Starting a day with Chicago morning traffic is never a good … Continue reading

Laughter’s Not Lost – Five Minute Friday

Some days laughter just feels lost. Lost in the loading and unloading of laundry. Lost in the sweeping up of endless dog hair, random toys and stray socks. It was looking like one of those weeks when the mundane and monotonous would rule. And then Matt, our 5-year-old, had the brilliant idea of inviting friends over for a playdate. … Continue reading

Shaken in the Sifter

The day started out so well and then I left my bed. Have you ever had one of the days when everything was just a little off and a little irritating? It began with not having half & half for my morning coffee then moved onto a rude telemarketer.  The afternoon schedule was held up by a long line at … Continue reading

Finding Your Fit Without Having a Fit

On Thursdays, my kids ice skate with their homeschooling group.  They skate, while I chit-chat with other moms. Matthew is skating this year.  He’s still learning and moving slow so my olders (as I call my 3 older teens) take turns with him; skating him around the rink and cheering him on. Last week, I decided to get some exercise and skate with Matt.  Years … Continue reading