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Struggling Through Forgiveness

Going through life being imperfect, I’m bound to offend others; bound to annoy and irritate. I’ve done this countless times and not always on purpose. I don’t wake in the morning looking for ways to accomplish this, I just know in my human frailty; my faulty self will inevitably fail someone. Some I fail and grace … Continue reading

Filling up on Cocoa Krispies

“Mom…I’m hungry!…I’m starving!!!” In our society, we do not know true hunger. We sometimes skip breakfast and by noon our tummies roar. And in our understanding, in our own words: “We are hungry…we are starving!” Yet a quick drive-thru or jaunt to the kitchen curves those hunger pains and we find ourselves satisfied for a few … Continue reading

Growing Up & Sipping Latte

This morning, my almost 17-year-old woke up, made herself breakfast and began working on her school before I even tumbled out of bed. I came downstairs and she was already dressed and ready for the day. How did this happen so fast? I hear her saying she has to get ready to leave for work… … Continue reading

Chocolate & Chuckles

This spring, we hosted Comedienne/Soloist Sue Duffield for our Chocolate & Chuckles event.  What a deliciously fun evening!  Thank you, Sue! At each place setting was dark chocolate biscotti with candied orange and cranberry.  In the center of each table was an array of desserts ranging from white chocolate covered pretzels, pecan butter crunch toffee to … Continue reading

A Sweet Treat

The day was hectic.  Answering phone calls, checking off the to-do list and trying to catch up from the busy weekend left me feeling wiped out before the week even began. How was I to fit it all in?  My patience meter ticked down quickly as my frustration level rose.  Nothing insurmountable was plaguing me; just … Continue reading

Just for Fun Friday ~ Lullabies, Socks & Shoes

My husband and I were gone away at Pastor meetings this week.  We arrived home last night to a clean house and a short-sheeted bed…thanks to my amazing kiddos! My son, Jonathan, has always loved music.  When he was small and sitting in the high chair, the best way to keep him concentrated on his … Continue reading

From Wretch to Treasure

This week we are attending District Council (Pastor meetings). We meet together; focusing on business matters, but more importantly, focusing time to rekindle relationship with others in ministry and refreshing our hearts through worship and Word. This morning, we were able to share communion together. My heart was touched by this particular song: How Deep … Continue reading