Five Minute Friday ~ Last

Five Minute Friday

Lately, we’ve been joining Lisa-Jo over at Five-Minute Friday.  If you’re a fellow blogger, come join up with us.  It’s a fun exercise!  We are given a prompt word for the day and we all write for 5 minutes on that word.  No over thinking, no major editing, just starting the clock…writing…then stopping.  We link back up and see what we all came up with for the day.  Today’s word is:  LAST


I was the last one to sleep last night and thought I would be the last one up for how hard I was sleeping….one of those knock out, pillow drooling, hit-by-a-Mac-truck kind of sleeps…but alas, I was once again the first one up.  We all slept in today.

I remembered it was Five Minute Friday and thought:  I will probably be the last one to join…it’s so late today.

Yet being the last one is not always bad…

What about that last cookie?…Someone’s got to eat it ~ and I don’t mind bearing that burden!

What about the last one to leave prayer time?  Lingering is good and we never over stay our time in His Presence.

In the ministry, we can sometimes be the last one out…shutting out the last of the lights.  Yet there’s something nice about that.

It makes me think of the Motel 6 commercial…”We’ll keep the light on!”  A “You’re always welcome” sign, whether you’re first or lastyou’re always welcome!


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