Faithful in the Small – #fmfparty

Five Minute Friday
Here we are again at Five Minute Friday with Lisa Jo Baker. We all get a word prompt for the day and write for 5 minutes, (confession: I struggled this week and wrote 3 different ones and just couldn’t settle my thoughts so this took way longer than 5 minutes) We link up here and encourage one other as we write together.

Todays writing prompt:  small


We all start somewhere and that somewhere is usually small.

We all want the big stage.  We want what we do to count…to be significant.  I’m learning to be good with the small.  Our pride tells us we have great things to say, important things and the world should hear what we have to say.

Yet starting small is good and healthy.  We have the opportunity to learn in the small without the pressure of the big stage.  When we mess up in the small it’s those around us, who love us despite our failings who pick us up, encourage us and community builds us up again.

It’s being faithful in the small that we prove ourselves to be reliable with much.  (Luke 16:10)

We often want the glamour and prestige of the big and grand without the plunking away, typing out of the small and consistent.

Investing in the small, consistently and faithfully, accumulates over time and the fruit comes through diligence and faith.

I’m learning to be okay with the small.  I’m learning in the small.  My friend, Joanna Weaver, says:  “It’s our job to deepen the message.  It’s His job to broaden the ministry.”

  • My job isn’t to promote myself but to promote Him.
  • My job is to know Him so I can better know how He wants me to live.
  • My job is to leave my small world up to His big understanding

If I take care of the small, He handles the big. Be faithful with the small, and we’ll be trusted with much.


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