A Dream Coming True…

This week has been months …really years…in the planning.

Our daughter is graduating from high school.

It’s surreal and all-too-real at the same time…somewhat like a dream.

She and I have spent hours gathering and compiling moments captured on film for her Senior class board. But this simple board can’t hold all that we cherish of this dream-filled life.

sam grad

Dave watches as Sam pulls another moment from the piles of years…”Look at this, Daddy! Do you remember this?”

He teasingly and truthfully says, “Aahhh…why do you do this to me?”  Because all this piling up of moments shows how fast time has passed.

Yet these stacks and piles also record the piles of blessings from Our Father through the years.

Dave has spoken this Blessing over our little girl each night of her life.

May the Lord bless you with ears to hear and a heart to understand and obey.   May the Lord bless you with a love for life…a life found only in Him.

We watch in wonderment as this happens…these words of blessing unfolding through her days.

  • Her heart hearing His whisper and her life following that call.
  • Her zeal for life as she runs barefoot to the field; gathering fistfuls of dandelions and daisies…and this was just last week.

The nights of tucking her in….and moments later…tucking her in again…and then again — those moments felt endless at the time.

But now… I’m tucked in before my teens and they say “goodnight” to me.  (In the years of raising 3 toddlers, I could only dream of this day.)

Yet here we are in the midst of this week with shopping, planning and endless lists. Family arriving and food prep happening…It’s all surreal and yet all-too-real somewhat like a dream.

A beautiful dream coming true — this watching a life become.

Sam grad 2

We are proud of you, Sammy girl.

Love you, Mom

4 thoughts on “A Dream Coming True…

  1. Thank you. Loved this. So profound and moving. Our precious Samantha is the love of our lives. We are so blessed to be her Grandparents and so proud of her in every aspect of her being. She is one of the most gifted ladies I know. Just like her mom. Can’t wait to see you and love you.


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