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Graduation and Stuff of Life

It’s been a whirlwind of activity here on the home front these last few weeks. From redecorating our mudroom to our daughter’s graduation, it’s been a lot of busy. It’s quieting down now so I’m getting back to this space. I’m learning when it’s crazy in life this place is the first to go.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, … Continue reading

How in the world does this happen?

I cradled the new little one in my arms. Everything about her is small, delicate and lovely. She slept soundly against my chest and I looked down at her in amazement. With her curled up self so snug in my arms it’s easy to imagine how she could fit in her mama’s belly. Sadly, those … Continue reading

Raised to Release – Five Minute Friday

My hubby and I planned it this way. “Let’s have our kids close so we go through everything at the same time…diapers, potty-training, car seats, amusement park rides…” When we had our first, life became crazy and our normal was out the window. We had to find a new normal or go crazy forcing everything into our old normal. … Continue reading

A Dream Coming True…

This week has been months …really years…in the planning. Our daughter is graduating from high school. It’s surreal and all-too-real at the same time…somewhat like a dream. She and I have spent hours gathering and compiling moments captured on film for her Senior class board. But this simple board can’t hold all that we cherish of this … Continue reading

The Iron Man Gift of Love

For a while now, Matt has been informing me of his desire to be Iron Man.  He’s in that stage of pretend; everything is real— from cooking meals in his pretend kitchen to driving spaceships through the sky.  Wanting to be Iron Man is just one more desire in the land of pretend. Last week, Emily and I … Continue reading