Graduation and Stuff of Life

It’s been a whirlwind of activity here on the home front these last few weeks. From redecorating our mudroom to our daughter’s graduation, it’s been a lot of busy. It’s quieting down now so I’m getting back to this space.

I’m learning when it’s crazy in life this place is the first to go.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, yet I know myself enough that when my everyday world is full, this is the easiest thing to take off the list… good or bad… that’s how it is.

That’s the joy and curse of having my own space.

  • Joy in the sense I can write my own stuff in my own way.
  • Joy because I set the atmosphere and the pace.
  • Curse in that it’s easy to procrastinate and put off what I don’t feel like doing at the time.
  • Curse in that there’s no hard deadlines set by a boss that I’m obligated to meet.

I’ve learned the hardest part about writing is keeping your butt in the seat and getting the work done.

Today Facebook informed me “People who like “Tripping Over Typeset” haven’t heard from you in a while. Write a post.”  So to satisfy Facebook and share some happenings on the home front, I’ll write a post. Here it goes…

It’s official… our third child is now done with the season of her life called high school.  I think back to the times of teaching her to read and sound out sentences like “Pat the rat sat on the mat.” Those years can be painfully long yet incredibly rewarding.

These last twelve years she has devoured books and words on a page. Now she’s good at crafting her own with care and attention.

We have homeschooled the kids through all their years. Some days are rough and tough but overall I have loved the extra time with them. Helping them learn, watching them become, encouraging their strengths and helping them through their weaknesses.

Because we home school, our kids don’t have a “normal” graduation ceremony. Instead our homeschooling group comes together and we do our own thing.  It’s a nice ceremony with the same draping grad gowns, square hats and hanging tassels. The parents honor their graduate with a small speech and diploma.

(This picture gets me every time. I love this Daddy/daughter moment.)

Emily and I love the movie, You’ve Got Mail.  We challenge ourselves to quote or reference the movie as often as we can. So of course when it came time for the grads to surprise their mom with flowers. Emily brought me a bouquet of daisies and said… “Don’t you think daisies are the happiest flowers?”  and I responded in kind, “I do!”  Then of course she really surprised me when she whipped out a bouquet of sharpened pencils as well.

I, however, was not to be outdone. I dropped one of our favorite lines in the speech I shared. (It’s written below.) I admit I had a large lump in my throat and tears spilling over when it became “personal… to me!”

My sweet Emily,

When we discovered you were joining our family, Samantha was 2 ½, Jonathan was 9 months and we had just gotten a puppy. I cried. Not because I was particularly sad or crazy with joy… I was simply overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the idea of adding more to our full life.
During one of my crying fits, I simply prayed, “God, since we’re going to do this again, can I please have at least one like me?”

Our first two turned out just like Dave and there was no mistaking… even to the random shopper in the store that they were their father’s children and I must be the nanny toting them along. I was the one who carried, labored and delivered them into this world and all I had to show for it was that they had my toes.

I prayed again, “God, can I have at least one like me?”

And sweetly, He answered my prayer with you.

Your contagious laughter and silliness fill a room with joy. Your caring for others and their needs is admirable. You’ve taught me much about seeing situations from another person’s perspective… even the annoying driver in front of me that according to you … “may have a lot in their head and simply can’t focus on the road ahead… Mom, maybe they’re a new driver, just like me!!!”

You are tender to the needs around you and your heart simply melts for babies and the young ones of the world.

Sad stories of love and life get you here in the heart and empathy oozes from your very being. You feel for others deeply whether real or fictional.

You stand up for living right in this life and you hush the bully when they spout unkind words.

Your “tiny person” status is just an outward appearance. Your giant of a heart beats inside and pumps out through your bubbly personality and amazing dance moves.

For you, the day’s events are never just business but it’s personal “because whatever anything is… it ought to begin by being personal.”

So sweet Emily let me speak to you personally…
• Keep being your amazing, awesome, funny, tiny self that does big things.
• Keep loving life— all that it has to offer you and all that comes your way. Dance… your way and frolic in the sunshine.
• And most of all keep focusing on the One who has led your life to this point and will continue to guide you into all that will become your story.

You are amazing! I love you, girl and am proud of all you are!

This last weekend was a wonderful time of celebrating with family and friends. So even though this place sat empty, our hearts and lives were full. And now I love that I can share it with you!

Have a wonderful week, friends!

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