He Loved First ~ Five Minute Friday

Wow, these Fridays roll around fast.  We are here with Kate Motaung again and the gang at Five Minute Friday.  We are given a word prompt and each write for 5 minutes.  And today will literally be 5 minutes, since I’m heading out the door for a conference.  Our word prompt this week:  Because


I am not perfect at love.  I wish I was better.

Better at loving, better at being kind, better at building others up with my words and actions.

It’s a fight to put aside my own self and look to the needs of others.  It’s one thing to see the need, another to do something about it.  I can see needs but how often do I put them aside to accomplish and be about getting my own agenda done for day.

And often those deeds to be done aren’t huge and hours of time would not be needed instead they are small, like a smile and kind word to the slow cashier or a wave to the one who is in more of a hurry than me.

It may be small but putting myself in the place of serving others instead of serving myself does something in me.

I’m not perfect and I have my failings.  I’m not always kind, even though I would want people to think that about me.  How easily we conceal instead of live real.

So today I’m living real.  Living in the place of listening for ways to love and doing it well.

I’m not perfect in my loving yet I am perfectly loved.  And because He loves so well…so perfectly, I’m learning to love better. Because He loved first.




10 thoughts on “He Loved First ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. Oh, thank you for this reminder: “I’m not perfect in my loving yet I am perfectly loved.” and all because He reached out to us first. Loved it!


  2. I agree wholeheartedly, Rachel. It is often easy for me to see the need but difficult for me to do anything about it. I know I can’t be everything to everyone, but I certainly want to let the love of Christ shine through me each day, and actions often speak louder than words. Lovely post!


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