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We Forget How Much We’re Loved

It’s Friday and another week down.  We’re linking up with Kate over at Five Minute Friday.  She gives the word prompt.  We write and share together.  You’re invited to join us over here.  Our word prompt today: FORGET GO Matt is learning to write on his own. He spells out words and constructs thoughts and … Continue reading

You are seen. You are loved.

This last weekend I had the honor of hosting Women of Faith LOVED Simulcast tour and this is what I was reminded of the whole way through. You are seen!  You are not invisible to God.  You are loved. In our crowded lives of busy schedules and hectic days, we are not unseen,  we are not forgotten. This weekend … Continue reading

He Loved First ~ Five Minute Friday

Wow, these Fridays roll around fast.  We are here with Kate Motaung again and the gang at Five Minute Friday.  We are given a word prompt and each write for 5 minutes.  And today will literally be 5 minutes, since I’m heading out the door for a conference.  Our word prompt this week:  Because Go … Continue reading

Inside the Packaging

My head was pounding in sync with the foot stomps from the upstairs bedroom. I grabbed the newly purchased ibuprofen bottle; trusting relief would come soon. The box was a generous 3 inches in height, with the bottle inside standing tall at an easy 2 1/2 inches.  I ripped off the plastic wrapper, popped the … Continue reading

Fireflies and Stars Above

For the month of July, I am hosting the One Thousand Gifts DVD Bible Study with Ann Voskamp at our church. We’re having fun, crying some good tears and learning to slow down in the midst of life’s chaos. As all good leaders know, preparation is huge if you’re going to do anything well. So … Continue reading

Struggling Through Forgiveness

Going through life being imperfect, I’m bound to offend others; bound to annoy and irritate. I’ve done this countless times and not always on purpose. I don’t wake in the morning looking for ways to accomplish this, I just know in my human frailty; my faulty self will inevitably fail someone. Some I fail and grace … Continue reading

The Turn of a Day

24 hours…the turn of a calendar day. What was far from the mind yesterday becomes a place of prominence today. Loss, illness…changes focus on the everyday to one’s last day… and this day… And what will I do with this day? Memories come spilling back of days spent with the one loved…the one near the … Continue reading