The Turn of a Day

24 hours…the turn of a calendar day.

What was far from the mind yesterday becomes a place of prominence today.

Loss, illness…changes focus on the everyday to one’s last day… and this day… And what will I do with this day?

Memories come spilling back of days spent with the one loved…the one near the end.

Sad that it has come—the end. The end of living on this side.

Of course, there is The Hope…The Hope of knowing Home is the next stop.

But the here and now, the watching and waiting, the lingering takes a toll and there’s the want of going back to yesterday.

Yesterday… when this wasn’t taking up thought in my mind…yesterday when my focus was else where and other things mattered.

But today this matters and it’s right that it matters.

It’s important to stop.

Stop and wait…wait and remember those who have waited on us when we were small and wanting…

…wanting a glass of cold milk with graham crackers on the side
…wanting spare change from the tin cup to buy a treat at the corner store
…wanting Wrigley Doublemint gum torn in half to share among siblings

and now just wanting…wanting one more chance to whisper love.

Love to the one who taught me hymns of the day
Love to the one who pushed me on the merry-go-round
Love to the one who baked ham for Christmas & made orange Jello with carrots
Love to the one who set out “Fiesta-ware” dishes for special days

Love…love to you, sweet and caring one.

aunt mary

4 thoughts on “The Turn of a Day

  1. Well written, well said, my heart feel as your I want to wisper love, I remember the kindness and the laughter. And yes the great time and meals shared! But know come the time to allow for the passage Home!


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