You Get Me ~ Five Minute Friday

I’m so happy it’s Friday!  We are with Kate and the gang with our Five Minute Friday.  Kate provides the word prompt and we free write for 5 minutes.  We link up over here and share our words together.  You are welcome to join us!

The Word Prompt today is: OPEN


Sitting around the table with these friends. I can whisper to myself, “These girls get me!”  I can shout it from the rooftops and it would still be the same… “These girls get me!”

I’m away this weekend with a group of my favorite people on the planet…. Pastor’s wives or more politely named, “Ladies in Ministry”  both are titles but not truly all we are.  I’ve been coming to this retreat for 13 years and each time God opens the door for new friendship.  It’s a time of renewing and deepening the well and finding there is always room for more.

These girls know the struggle of a Sunday…getting kids out the door and hoping they all have shoes. (Double points if they match).  They get the whole spit shining cherub faces and matting down turkey tufts of hair that won’t stay down.

This weekend is about being real.  No pretenses or putting on but a chance to open up, dig deep and replenish what has been given out.

We laugh, cry, listen and understand.  We pray, encourage, build up and care deeply.   We need this in our lives.  We need a place to be real.  It’s that open door; walking with others who know this road and sharing stories of those who are in the trenches with us.

We are more than our title or the name giving by others.  We are funny, lovely, fragile and strong. We love fiercely and bleed when things cut deep. We care for the hurting and journey alongside others through the beautiful and the ugly. We are a sisterhood; bound together by His love and His calling.  We love His church and love His people.

I get you, girlfriends, and I’m so thankful you get me!

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