The Ramblings and Nothingness of a Normal Shopping Day

Normally when I write to you there’s some kind of encouragement or meaning behind what I’m writing… but tonight it’s a different case. I have 2 sick people in the house and so my normal conversation patterns have been stifled. Two of the people who usually listen to all my ramblings are both feeling under the weather so I decided to just share my ramblings of the day with you.

See, I normally shop on Tuesday; getting all of my errands done on one day, but because of some other events yesterday the shopping was pushed off to today. And normally I have a shopping “somebody” with me. I like to have a ‘tag-along’.

I know some moms like to go it alone but I actually love having an extra somebody with me. I like having someone who will wait in the line while I go back for something else. I like having someone to pack up the groceries and put the cart away in the parking lot. Someone for me to share all those quirky items out there that someone is trying to sell me.

Emily is my normal shopping ‘somebody’ but with great sadness I must inform you she’s not feeling well today.

And in my household when one does not feel well this mama drops into hyper-germ mode. I immediately quarantine the ill-feeling body to their bed. There’s no going out or going in… similar to the city of Jericho… it is tightly shut up. The invalid gets assigned a bathroom and no healthy person is to venture into that abode until the sick person is well and that facility is cleaned. I’m the only one allowed into the ‘sick’ room and I diligently wash my hands with soap and warm water along with drying my hands on a paper towel upon each exit from the room.

It’s been pretty effective. Very rarely does the illness travel through the house or from person to person. But today I ended up with two sick people, with different symptoms, picked up at different places. The same rules previously stated apply to them which means I’m just washing my hands a lot more and traveling the stairs more frequently.

And because they were feeling under the weather and there was no one shopping with me to share in my ramblings of the day I’m sharing them with you.

On shopping day I always ask the family, “What do you need?” and today one of the requests was deodorant.  I like to choose my own but I’m at a loss to choose for others.

And what is this?deodorant

(HINT:  The lower left hand corner of this product label?)

Who seriously needs “96 hour protection” for deodorant? I was always taught this was a daily application, and sometimes more frequently if needed, but really 96 hour protection!!! That is 4 days, people!

Who thought up this advertising scheme? “Yes, this is so potent and effective you only have to apply it every 4 days.” Can I just tell ya, I have 3 teens in my family and I have never told them, “Here, kids, this one you only have to apply on a 4 day rotation basis!”

Are the advertisers trying to say it’s a stronger smell or is this product for profuse sweating? Because the 96 hour protection statement says to me, “Hey, this will make me smell good for 4 days!”

There were differing hour protections you could buy if you wanted more options than just every 4 days.  You could pick 72 hour, 48 hour or 24 hour protection as well —whatever fits your stink expiration time schedule.

I can imagine the inventors of this deodorant calling up their mother and saying, “Hey mom, I know you were trying to teach me basic hygiene 101 when I was living at home but now I’ve invented a 96 hour protection deodorant so people don’t need to practice basic hygiene on a daily basis. They can now stretch it out to every 4 days!”

I tried to share my little discovery with my cashier but she didn’t find any humor in my thought process. She just rang up my purchase and handed me the change.

I would have shared this with my shopping ‘somebody’ but there was no one with me, hence the “deodorant selfie.”

This is just a sampling of my ramblings and nothingness that you miss in my life on a daily basis. If I would have had a shopping ‘somebody’ today, you might not have ever heard this story or known that there is now deodorant out there that need not be applied daily!

This is big news and I thought you should know!

5 thoughts on “The Ramblings and Nothingness of a Normal Shopping Day

  1. Thanks for the laugh Rachel [although I’m sorry to hear that Emily and one other are sick – prayers and hugs!].
    I’ll have to share with my somebody who is struggling with “daily hygiene” skills – lol


  2. Interesting find at market. First of all it’s probably not very healthy to have so much protection, chemical wise. Next, it most like appeals to a generation of nothing is quite enough. More this, more than, more “must” be better! Lastly, perhaps the creator, inventor was a dad whose teen son really stinks and his wife said, Honey, do something about this. Thanks for your comic relief. Praying everyone better quickly and completely.

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