Nothing really meaningful just a wish for Happy Spring

Everything is waking back up. My grass is finally turning that beautiful color of green and buds are beginning to come out on the trees. My daffodils are so close to opening I think by the end of the week I might just have a bloom!

After this long winter in the Northeast, I think we are bursting at the seams just to feel some sunshine and warmer temps. On Sunday, it was in the 70’s. It was a little windy but that wasn’t keeping me indoors. I ate my lunch outside and then announced to the family I was going to the lake. I loaded up Della and took off trekking with my polka dot rain boots because even though the snow is gone, we still have large sections of muck and mud on the ground.

There were many people and owners of dogs that had the same idea as me about the lake, so Della had a great smell-fest as we walked along and she sniffed out every Tom, Duke and Sparky that has passed down that path of lakeshore this season.

I usually store an old Tupperware dish in the van so Della can have a bowl to drink from but somewhere through the winter months, it has disappeared. So instead I walked her down to the water’s edge to get a small drink but… she’s a lab and in she went. The water had to be brisk because a week and a half ago it was still frozen over. I think she was just so happy that spring was finally here, it didn’t matter how cold the water was… she was going in! I was happy to let her swim around until I saw a few fishermen along the edge staring me down. Those poor men weren’t going to catch anything with a lab jumping around in the water.

I apologized and called her back to shore. We found a spot further down on a little peninsula where she chased sticks, pounced on skipping stones and ran from one shore and then back again over and over. We were both happy campers just to be near water that wasn’t still in solid form!

Along with the grass turning green and the trees coming back alive, the ants have found their way back into my cupboards. You can’t imagine my annoyance as my son blurted out last night. “There’s an ant on the counter.” These little creatures are so small yet such a huge irritation to my soul. Anything that crawls in my house and is of the insect-form dies… it’s just that simple!

This morning my daughter found them in the cupboard. And all sanity broke loose from my brain. Out came all the food as I wiped down each container until I found the culprits responsible for this invasion.

And there they were… second shelf from the top…. 2 large jars of honey. One was liquid and the other pure, raw, unstrained honey. The ants were enjoying both.

I’m all for spring and the awakening of tree buds and flowers blooming but if any kind of insect desires to live until the mating season and finish off their life cycle they would do well to stay out of my house. Let this be fair-warning to those creatures even just thinking about crossing my threshold!

And with that being said, I have begun the wipe down of the cupboards, counters and all things packaged. I’m closing things up into plastic Ziplocs again and using some of your advice from my last rant about ants. I have learned quite a few things through these adventures and hopefully this will be one of the final chapters to the saga!

My wish for you is this:  I hope wherever you are warmer weather has found you and that you are taking full advantage of the longer daylight hours. It’s such a beautiful thing!

Here’s looking forward to continued warm weather and the coming on of all things alive and budding!

2 thoughts on “Nothing really meaningful just a wish for Happy Spring

  1. Ants!!! How can something so tiny incite panic and make you feel like you’re losing your mind. 🙂 I’m loving the longer days and while California seems to be perpetually warm, I’m enjoying the beautiful Spring.

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    • I am sometimes envious of you perpetually warm people when I’m knee deep in shoveling snow but then I know I would mess the snow and cold if I didn’t have it so I stay where I’m at! 🙂 so glad you are enjoying your spring!

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