How in the world does this happen?

I cradled the new little one in my arms. Everything about her is small, delicate and lovely. She slept soundly against my chest and I looked down at her in amazement.

With her curled up self so snug in my arms it’s easy to imagine how she could fit in her mama’s belly.

Sadly, those days are short.

Before too long they are scooting around on their own, pulling themselves up and beginning their walk in this great big world.

I have friends from out-of-town visiting this week. Their kids are young and my little Matt is thrilled to have people on his height-level around to play.

My sidewalks are full of chalk drawings and the backyard is littered with small bikes, tricycles and all things fun! It’s a beautiful sight!!

Today, Matt is “graduating from Kindergarten” and my oldest son, Jon, is completing his junior year. During the graduation ceremony the senior class will pass their torches onto his class.

How in the world did this happen?

He was just the one out there with sidewalk chalk on his face and sand in his hair. Now he towers above me and I truly look up to him.

I look up at the man he is becoming and I’m proud.

His tender heart and sweet disposition will serve him well in the years to come. His quirky sense of humor brings me joy and his laugh is contagious as it spills out of him.

Jon and Matt

Yesterday, Jon and I went to the mall hunting for pants for him to wear for tonight’s ceremony. And anyone who knows Jon, knows this was a terrific feat we were taking on.

Jon wears a pant size of 30×34 and anyone who has men in their life knows this is an almost impossible size to find.

Jon jokes, “It’s difficult to dress a stick!”

After scouring the mall twice and hearing the same response from sales person after salesperson, “We don’t carry that size in the store. But you can order it online.”

We finally lucked out as we walked past the clearance section in Old Navy. Someone had ordered a 30×34 online and then returned them to the store!

Hallelujah they were a perfect fit for my stick of a man! This mama was pleased!

As I watched my son strut his stuff to his sisters when we got home, my thoughts returned to cradling that wee little one in my arms.

She could have fit snugly in my belly. Jon was that size when he came into this world. I could snuggly him in my arms and look down while he slept curled up. Now he towers over me and I must look up to see his face.

It happens all so fast, friends. Our time is short to pour in, lavish much and love on. Before we know it they grow tall and move on to their own world discovery filled with experience, thrill and adventure.

I am proud of you, Jon, and all you are becoming!



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19 thoughts on “How in the world does this happen?

  1. Ethan will be with Jon tonight…how in the world is right! Ack! Actually, when I looked at the program, I couldn’t believe Matt was graduating Kindergarten and neither could Ethan! ha


  2. Oh girl, I feel your pain! My son was the exact size. It was always SO hard to find! Congrats on Jon’s graduation, it is bittersweet, truly. Enjoy your sweet family and soak up all those special – and not so special times! Life is fleeting!


  3. Rachel, I loved this post. As the mother of boys, it resonated. They DO grow so quickly. Our oldest leaves for a week long Boy Scout camp tomorrow. It’ll be his first time away for that long, and my heart already mises him. I want him to find his adventures, and I can’t always be a part of them. Thank goodness God’s watching over him!

    And that same boy? Yeah, he’s gonna be a gangly guy too. He’s already hard to fit. 🙂 I’ll embrace every part of who each of my boys are though. 🙂


  4. Such a sweet post. The way you share your mamma’s heart blesses me today, and reminds me to pray for all the kiddos in my life (and their mammas). I pray, too, that your son would step into this final year of high school, as childhood ends and adulthood looms large, with confidence and faith in our gracious God!

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